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Member Appreciation Month Tip: Declutter Your Desk, KonMari Style

This week we're tackling the clutter — physical, electronic and mental — that weighs us down at work. So without further ado, let the desk transformation begin...

Purge with a purpose. When deciding what to get rid of, Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo recommends asking yourself...'Does this spark joy?' If the answer is no, get rid of it. Tell it 'thanks' on the way out. #goodkarma

But be smart about it. Work-related items require more consideration. So before you pitch that client file that doesn't make you happy, also ask...'Is this something I need for work?' If no, say 'thanks' and send it on its way. If yes...

Go green if you can. Scan it, e-file it, back it up electronically. Need more guidance on client file (and information) retention requirements? Refer to ISBA Professional Conduct Advisory Opinion No.17-02.

Repeat for every item on your desk. If you've got time, also go through your desk drawers and shelves until only the items that spark joy or are required for work remain.

Make what's left pretty. Rearrange remaining items in a way that best makes sense for you. That picture of your sweetie pie? It should face you. Those extra iPhone cords? Store them in a tidy little box in a drawer. Leftover files or paper piles? Corral them in a nice paper tray like this one.

Want more help? Check out Fast Company's video of Marie Kondo organizing a staff member's desk in under 4 minutes. Now that's impressive.

Share your success with us on Instagram for a chance to win our D4S Week 1 prize!

Post (1) a photo of your 'after' desk or (2) the item on it that sparks the most joy by Friday, May 5 at Noon. Tag your post with #isbadesk4success, #deskie and @isbalawyers.

We'll choose our favorite post (creativity is key!) to win a set of Marie Kondo's books - 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' and 'Life-Changing Magic: A Journal' - along with a Royal 1600mx Paper Shredder for office and home usage. (Value of $172)

Winner will be announced on Monday, May 8 via the ISBA Instagram account and on Illinois Lawyer Now the following week. Happy desking!

Posted on May 1, 2017 by Sara Anderson
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