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Central Illinois

Illinois’ new will repository law

Posted on July 7, 2009 by Mark S. Mathewson
As Helen Gunnarsson reports in the July Ilinois Bar Journal, "lawyers with file drawers or boxes of original wills for long-lost clients may rejoice: there’s finally a way to get them out of the office. Assuming a new bill is signed into law, the Illinois Secretary of State will take them off lawyers’ hands – for a small fee, of course." The law was drafted by ISBA Trusts and Estates Section Council member Ray Koenig.

Breaking legal news for Monday, July 6

Posted on July 6, 2009 by Chris Bonjean


Central Illinois

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New Rules of Professional Conduct and lobbying

Posted on July 6, 2009 by James R. Covington
Last week the Supreme Court of Illinois issued new Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct to take effect Jan. 1, 2010. New Rule 3.9 has created quite a buzz among the lawyer-lobbyists as to what it means. It may have broader applicability than those of us who lobby in Springfield to include appearances before other governmental bodies. The Rule states that “A lawyer representing a client before a legislative body or administrative agency in a nonadjudicative proceeding shall disclose that the appearance is in a representative capacity and shall conform to the provisions of Rules 3.3(a) through (c), 3.4(a) through (c), and 3.5.” The incorporation of Rule 3.5 creates the buzz. Rule 3.5 prohibits ex parte communication with an official during the proceeding. Can this be construed to prohibit all lobbying by a lawyer-lobbyist unless it is part of a scheduled public hearing? In other words, is all I can do to lobby is testify in committee? No position papers to elected members of the General Assembly? No one-on-one individual lobbying? I can’t imagine that was the intent. Rule 3.5’s title is “Impartiality and Decorum of the Tribunal.” Key word is “tribunal.” It is defined in Rule 1.0(m) as follows: “Tribunal” denotes a court, an arbitrator in a binding arbitration proceeding or a legislative body, administrative agency or other body acting in an adjudicative capacity.

Sun-Times highlights ISBA's Lincoln mosaic poster

Posted on July 6, 2009 by Chris Bonjean
isbalincolnmosaic1501Chicago Sun-Times Advertising Critic Lew Lazare discussed the Illinois State Bar Association's Lincoln mosaic poster in today's column:
The organization's latest marketing initiative from & Wojdyla is a poster that features a prominent image of Abraham Lincoln, perhaps Illinois' most famous -- and readily recognizable -- attorney. But recently a few other attorneys with strong connections to Illinois also have become almost as famous as Lincoln, and they are included in the dense collage of tiny headshots of past or present ISBA members that are superimposed over the poster's dominant Lincoln image.
ISBA members can also submit their photo to to be seen in the next edition of the poster. Click here to read the full story (3rd item) Click here to order the poster

ISBA Membership Mondays, July 6

Posted on July 6, 2009 by Chris Bonjean

The Power of Peer Discussion

Got substantive law or practice management questions?  Get answers, maybe in minutes. All ISBA members are eligible to join ISBA e-mail discussion groups, where you can pose questions and share information with lawyers from Chicago to Cairo (Illinois that is.)  Available discussion groups include “general discussion” (open to all law-related topics), “ISBAcafe”, “litigation”, “transactional law”, “family law”, and “criminal-DUI-traffic”. Members who sign up for one or more discussion groups can also search those groups’ archived posts. Here’s what your fellow members are saying about the ISBA e-mail discussion groups … “It's like having all the benefits of a partnership without the office politics." Melissa Maye, Yorkville "Thanks for all your quick responses. WOW!!! This list is so great!" Peggy Raddatz, La Grange Click here to join the discussion

Lincoln mosaic poster available for purchase - and get your photo in the next one

Posted on July 2, 2009 by Chris Bonjean
isbalincolnmosaic150 The Illinois State Bar Association's Lincoln mosaic poster that includes the faces of ISBA members is available for purchase. ISBA members can also submit their photo to to be seen in the next edition of the poster. Click here to order the current Lincoln mosaic poster.

The law offices of ... Brown, Hay & Stephens

Posted on July 2, 2009 by Chris Bonjean
Lincoln photo in collection of firm leaders
Lincoln photo in collection of firm leaders
Brown, Hay & Stephens in Springfield has two claims to fame that make it a pillar of the Illinois law community. The firm has roots dating back to 1828 and is recognized as the oldest law firm in Illinois. It was started by a young lawyer, John T. Stuart, shortly after his 21st birthday. The firm was also home to a young Abraham Lincoln, who practiced there from 1837-1841. Lincoln's picture is part of a collage of firm leaders in the main conference room. There is also an A. Lincoln conference room. Partner and longtime ISBA member Claire Manning has been with the firm for the past five years. "I think it's great to practice law here and it's a very stable place especially with the Lincoln heritage," said Manning, an environmental lawyer. "It's also great to be in Springfield. I'm sitting in my office looking out at the New State Capitol from one window and the Old State Capitol from another." Brown, Hay and Stephens currently has 28 attorneys at its office at 205 S. 5th Street in Springfield. "The coolest thing about the building is the view," Manning said.

6 ISBA members become Fellows of the Illinois Bar Foundation

Posted on July 1, 2009 by Chris Bonjean
ISBA Immediate Past President Jack Carey (right) thanks Gary Cline of Springfield for his donation.
ISBA Immediate Past President Jack Carey (right) thanks Gary Cline of Springfield for his donation to the Illinois Bar Foundation.
Six Illinois State Bar Association members joined The Fellows of the Illinois Bar Foundation during the ISBA Annual Meeting last week. Additionally, eight Fellows increased their pledges to IBF. The weekend raised $31,000 for the Illinois Bar Foundation. New Fellows
  • Gary Cline, Springfield
  • Kenya Jenkins-Wright, Chicago
  • Julie Matoesian, Edwardsville
  • Daniel O'Brien, Carlinville
  • Marian E. Perkins, Chicago
  • Michael T. Reagan, Ottawa
  • William Anaya, Chicago
  • Perry Browder, East Alton
  • Thomas A. Else, Wheaton
  • Philip E. Koenig, Rock Island
  • Raquel G. Martinez, Chicago
  • Christine M. Ory, Wheaton
  • Perry Smith, Waukegan
  • Douglas B. Warlick, Geneva
As the charitable affiliate of the Illinois State Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Foundation’s mission is to ensure meaningful access to the justice system, especially for those with limited means, and to assist lawyers who can no longer support themselves due to incapacity.