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CLE: Gain the Edge! Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

You negotiate every day. In fact, your ability to effectively negotiate may be the most critical skill you possess, yet most negotiate instinctively or intuitively. Don’t miss this Master Series seminar in Chicago on June 22, 2016 that trains you to approach negotiations with a strategic mindset, allowing you to become a more effective lawyer. And make no mistake – no matter how much you’ve negotiated, you can still learn. Adding that one new tactic may be the difference between winning and walking away empty-handed. Topics include: the golden rules of negotiation; gaining leverage with alternatives; using objective criteria and timing to your advantage; techniques for gathering information; generating creative solutions; dealing with “negotiation games”; ethical considerations; and much more.

Member Appreciation Month: Free CLE webcast will keep your technology secure

Posted on May 19, 2016 by Chris Bonjean

Free live webcast for the first 1,000 registrants! Sponsored by ISBA Mutual Insurance Company.

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Simple Security Measures Every Lawyer Should Take
Presented by ISBA Mutual Insurance Company
Live Webcast | Tuesday, May 24 | Noon - 1PM
1 hour MCLE | 1* hour PMCLE

Program Speaker: Barron Henley

The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.6(e) requires a lawyer to make "reasonable efforts" to prevent the disclosure of confidential client information. Comment 19 further stipulates that "reasonable precautions" must be taken to prevent client information from falling into the wrong hands.

CLE: Education for Attorneys Appointed to Represent Children

Posted on May 19, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

Don’t miss this two-day program on June 2, 2016 – June 3, 2016 that’s designed to help attorneys who represent children. Under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 906(c)*, attorneys should receive ten hours of education every two years in child development; roles of guardians ad litem and child representatives; ethics in child custody cases; relevant substantive state, federal, and case law in custody and visitation matters; and family dynamics, including substance abuse, domestic abuse, and mental health issues. Topics for this seminar include: the requirements for those representing children in litigation; the challenges facing the next generation of advocates; the issues attorneys may face when dealing with client problems; recent changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act; legislative and case law updates; how to prepare children for litigation; how litigation may impact children; the work of non-attorney professionals in the parental allocation process; establishing parental responsibilities; structuring and scheduling parenting time; the rights of stepparents and grandparents; addressing domestic violence; and more. The roles of attorney, child representative and guardian ad litem are also discussed.

Free CLE Laugh and Learn: Think Fast: Improving Your Communication Skills through Improv

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Chris Bonjean

The ISBA Young Lawyers Division will present "Think Fast: Improving Your Communication Skills through Improv" on June 17 during the Annual Meeting in Rosemont. Sharpen your critical thinking and legal reasoning skills with this fun, interactive seminar!

Improve your communication, listening, and quick reaction skills with this one-hour program that’s designed for all attorneys who use these skills in the courtroom to respond to questions from the judge and arguments from opposing counsel. The seminar engages attendees in a number of interactive activities that are used by improvisational actors to help you strengthen your quick-thinking and story-telling abilities. Pre-registration not required; walk-in registration only.

Pre-registration for this CLE is not required, walk-in registration only.

CLE: Developments in Illinois Insurance Law: 2015 in Review and a Look Forward – Live Webcast

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

Don’t miss this opportunity to keep apprised of all major Illinois insurance case law developments, as well as a look forward as we continue through 2016. Attorneys working in the insurance law arena who attend this online seminar on June 2, 2016 will gain a better understanding of automobile insurance developments, changes to commercial insurance coverage, the various forms of life and health insurance coverage, and recent developments with additional insureds.

The seminar is presented by the ISBA Insurance Law Section and qualifies for 2.25 hours MCLE credit.

Click here for more information and to register.

CLE: Practical Skills for Attorneys New to Estate Planning

Posted on May 9, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

Don’t miss this full-day seminar in Chicago or via live webcast on May 20, 2016 that offers practical advice from experienced estate planning attorneys on how to efficiently and effectively run an estate planning practice. New attorneys, young attorneys, and attorneys with limited experience in the estate planning process who attend this seminar will better understand: the purpose and limitations of powers of attorney; the importance of obtaining an accurate value of your client’s assets; the challenges of representing couples jointly; how to create a successful management process for your estate planning engagements; how and why to use engagement/disengagement letters; how to advise clients with both large and small net worths; the types of clauses to use when drafting an estate plan; how to handle clients with limited or diminished capacity; what to do when your client is being pressured by an outside party; and much more!

CLE: Civil Practice Update: Review on E-Discovery

Posted on May 2, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

Enhance your competence as an attorney by learning the intricacies of proper e-discovery procedures with this full-day seminar in Chicago on May 19, 2016. Learn how to avoid the consequences of expensive and improperly conducted e-discovery, particularly for your smaller cases. Because most discovery documents and information are now in electronic format – whether medical, financial or corporate records – it is essential to understand the complexities of e-discovery and to obtain accurate and complete documents. Attorneys with all levels of practice experience who attend this seminar will better understand: how technology is changing the way we practice; how technological incompetence can affect your practice; when you are allowed to search someone’s computer; best practices for document retention and destruction; how to obtain medical records; using e-discovery in employment law cases; how to use social media as evidence; how to obtain mobile device discovery; what metadata is and how to get it; which affordable e-discovery software you should be using in your practice; and much more!

CLE: ADR Options in the Illinois Federal District Courts [Live Webcast]

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

Learn which alternative dispute resolution options are available in the three districts, how the programs are administered, and how to take advantage of each with this informative one-hour online seminar on May 18, 2016! Practitioners with basic to intermediate practice experience who handle (or have contemplated handling) civil litigation in any of the Illinois Federal District Courts who attend this live webcast will better understand: court-hosted mediation and how the local rules/procedures differ; special programs and procedures for pro se cases; Judge-hosted mediation and referrals to a panel mediator; opening statements; facilitative vs. evaluative mediation; pitfalls to avoid during mediation; knowing which documents are prepared on the spot, and which procedures follow the settlement, including statement of terms on the record and its impact on confidentiality; jurisdiction issues; and much more!

CLE: The Construction Industry: Shortcuts to Disaster

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

Join us in Lombard on May 13, 2016 for a comprehensive look at how to handle complicated lien priority and construction escrow matters involving new construction with this informative full-day seminar that uses a fact pattern scenario (based on an actual case) as the backdrop for each presentation! Real estate attorneys, construction law practitioners, and lawyers working in the commercial banking/collections/bankruptcy areas who attend this seminar will better understand: the issues and concerns that can arise with the original development contracts and general real estate purchase contracts; the requirements involved in financing a construction project; the red flags to look for in construction, escrow procedures and disbursements, and related title insurance matters; how mechanics’ liens affect the developer, builder, lender, real estate purchaser, and subcontractor; how mechanics’ lien foreclosure and builder’s bankruptcy impacts a construction project; and changes in the law that substantially affect construction-related issues. The seminar is presented by the ISBA Real Estate Law Section and co-sponsored by the ISBA Construction Law Section and ISBA Commercial Banking, Collections, and Bankruptcy Section. It qualifies for 6.25 hours MCLE credit.

CLE: Illinois Appellate Practice: What Every Lawyer Should Know

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Morgan Yingst

Every litigator needs to be aware of the basic rules and procedures for appeals in Illinois Appellate Courts. Don’t miss this full-day seminar in Chicago on Friday, April 29, 2016 that offers an overview of all major aspects of the civil appeals process in the Illinois reviewing courts. Attorneys with basic practice experience in all substantive areas who have never participated (or only rarely participate) in appeals will benefit from this seminar and gain a better understanding of: the general requirements for creating a record for appellate review; the problems that can arise while making a record; when post-trial motions are required to preserve issues on appeal; how to respond to post-trial motions; how to decide if an appeal is the right choice; the ways that the appellate court clerk can help with the clarifying and procedural requirements of an appeal; the special considerations for interlocutory review; important points to consider regarding appellate motion practice; why the standard of review is important to your appeal; how to draft an effective and persuasive brief; how to present a successful oral argument; and much more