Articles From 2000

“Where can I find a court reporter?” Bench and Bar, July 2000 The article below is reprinted from ISBA's Criminal Justice Newsletter (June 2000 issue).
Where can I find a court reporter? Criminal Justice, June 2000 Under the direction of Criminal Justice Chairperson, Robert A. Loeb, the council asked the ISBA Board of Governors to look at the current shortage of certified court reporters.
Who is in charge here? By Thomas J. Brannan Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, June 2000 When we want results, we typically ask, "Who is in charge here"? If someone asked you that question, about your business or about your life, what would your answer be?
Whoops—there goes that second worker’s compensation fee By Terrence M. Madsen General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, August 2000 The Illinois Supreme Court has either clarified or declared—depending on your perspective—that the statutory 25% attorney fees for recovery of reimbursement for an employer who has made a worker's compensation payment is, as a practical matter, at best a part of, and not in addition to, any fee amount contracted with an employee.
Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project Young Lawyers Division, January 2000 Do you want to help others, but just don't have extra time?
WordPerfect® Law Office 2000 Suite from Corel Corporation By Paul Bernstein Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, February 2000 The WordPerfect® Law Office 2000 Suite came to market earlier this year. For lawyers in small and mid-sized law firms, this is a perfect product for their law office.
Words & phrases index of cases Insurance Law, November 2000 Insurer did not satisfy its duty to seek its insured's cooperation, precluding it from asserting defense of noncooperation.
Words and phrases index of cases Insurance Law, April 2000 Attorney fees not warranted because insurer's reasons for denying coverage were not baseless.
Workers’ compensation By Bernard Wysocki General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, April 2000 The short answer is "yes." Recently, in Joe W. King v. Industrial Commission et al. (R.R. Donnelly), (Ill.Sup.Ct. No. 87099, 1/21/2000), the Illinois Supreme Court held that a former employee, who had been awarded permanent total disability under § 8(f) of the Workers' Compensation Act, could subsequently be required to submit to an independent medical examination requested by a former employer.
Workers’ compensation on line By Phillip B. Lenzini Workers' Compensation Law, August 2000 The purpose of this article is to initiate, but certainly not conclude, the presentation and discussion of useful sites or URL's ("Uniform Resource Locators," the Internet address if you will), for workers' compensation practitioners.
Workers’ compensation review: significant cases from 1999 term By Michael J. Colwell Workers' Compensation Law, August 2000 The Industrial Commission Division of the Illinois Appellate Court hears appeals that arise out of proceedings before the Illinois Industrial Commission.
Workers’ compensation review: significant cases from the 2000 term Workers' Compensation Law, October 2000 In Knox County YMCA v. Industrial Commission, 311 Ill. App. 3d 880, 725 N.E.2d 759, 244 Ill.Dec. 286 (3rd Dist. 2000), Anita Williamson was employed by the Knox County YMCA to perform day-care services for children of working parents.
Workplace violence—practical and legal issues and answers By Seyfarth Shaw Corporate Law Departments, September 2000 You are the Human Resources vice president for your company. A division manager reports that an employee on the first shift has been acting very strangely and recently threatened to "blow his supervisor away."
Worthwhile Web sites for Illinois lawyers, Part II By Chuck Bingaman Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, May 2000 This is the second in a series of articles in this year's CoLT newsletter highlighting worthwhile Web sites for practicing lawyers.
Young Lawyer’s Section Wills Project By Kathryn Bischoff Young Lawyers Division, May 2000 The Wills Project through the Young Lawyer's Section is alive and doing well! We recently moved the location of the bi-monthly seminars from the Cornerstone Resources offices on Jefferson Street to Longwood Plaza
Your chance to support charities through workplace giving By William McGrath Government Lawyers, November 2000 State and federal employees will have an opportunity this fall to participate in charitable giving through a payroll deduction selection.
Your partner in practice—the Illinois State Bar Association By Robert E. Craghead Government Lawyers, April 2000 It's not just your father's state bar association any more.