Articles From 2014

10 tips for negotiating DUI cases: One prosecutor’s perspective By Jeremy J. Richey Traffic Laws and Courts, March 2014 This article contains ten quick tips, from this author-prosecutor’s perspective, that will help improve your next results at the negotiation table.
1010 Lake Shore Association v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company: The re-animation of an extinguished lien By Philip J. Vacco Real Estate Law, September 2014 A call for the Illinois Legislature to review the language used in section 9(g)(3) of the Illinois Condominium Act to determine whether the First District Appellate Court's recent interpretation is achieving the intended consequences.
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16th Annual ISBA YLD Holiday Party Young Lawyers Division, February 2014 A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success!
2014 elder law quick guide: Important numbers to remember By Martin W. Siemer Elder Law, February 2014 A useful guide for the elder law practitioner.
2014 Farm Act shifts crop commodity programs away from fixed payments and expands program choices By Anne Effland, Joseph Cooper, & Erik O’Donoghue Agricultural Law, August 2014 An overview of the new law from the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.
The 2014 Young Lawyer of the Year and Public Service Awards Young Lawyers Division, February 2014 Know someone who does great work? Nominate them now for one of these two prestigious ISBA awards!
2015 retirement plan limitations By Bernard G. Peter Corporate Law Departments, December 2014 The complete list of the IRS 2015 dollar limitations for benefits, compensation and contributions.
4th Amendment Rights: Citizen awarded $250,000 after false arrest and imprisonment by Missouri State Highway Patrol Officer By Maggie Noe Human and Civil Rights, October 2014 An overview of the Doe v. Crank case and jury award.
6 strategies to better represent sellers of real estate By Colleen L. Sahlas Real Estate Law, June 2014 Implement these six strategies when representing sellers of residential real estate to avoid a myriad of problems down the road.
7th Annual YLD Bean Bag Tournament March 8 Young Lawyers Division, February 2014 Save the date for this fun annual fundraiser!
Abolish Rule 23 non-precedential orders By Robert T. Park Civil Practice and Procedure, December 2014 Many Rule 23 orders contain important and unique statements of the law, which could be of value to brief writers and judicial decision makers at the trial and appellate level.
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The accountant-client privilege By Matthew A. Nelson Trusts and Estates, May 2014 The 4th District Appellate Court recently established an exception to the accountant-client privilege in the case of Brunton v. Kruger.
Ace your case: An overview of the rules governing mandatory arbitrations By Amy Kelly Young Lawyers Division, August 2014 In many ways, arbitration hearings are a dress rehearsal for trial and a great way for young lawyers to gain experience.
‘Adequately’ representing children’s best interests: Expanding the toolbox By Mark Simons Child Law, June 2014 A review of several cases reveals that what is important is not the type of representation the child has, but the adequacy of that representation.
Adjacent property mechanics liens By Ken Cripe Construction Law, March 2014 A summary of the recent case of Lake County Grading Co. LLC v. Antioch.
Adjudication of liens in claims involving inadequate insurance coverage: Wolf v. Toolie as the latest contribution in this ongoing saga By Richard L. Turner Civil Practice and Procedure, October 2014 The recent appellate decision in Wolf v. Toolie, decided September 30, 2014, does not offer plaintiffs’ attorneys much in the way of relief.
Administrative law case summaries By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum Administrative Law, January 2014 Recent cases of interest to administrative law practitioners.
Administrative law implications of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act By Tracy Douglas Administrative Law, January 2014 This article will discuss the application process and administrative procedures outlined in the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, and note potential issues with its implementation from an administrative law perspective.
Adopt-A-Base Program FAQs Federal Taxation, January 2014 Find out more about this pro bono opportunity and how you can become involved.
Advice from the bench By Christina N. Malecki Young Lawyers Division, June 2014 Some tips and advice from current judges from different counties throughout the State of Illinois to help newly admitted attorneys prepare for their courtroom appearances.
The aftermath of Cypress Creek—How newly-enacted HB 3636 affects commercial mortgage lenders By Thomas M. Lombardo Construction Law, January 2014 A real-world example of exactly how the recent changes to the Mechanics Lien Act affect a commercial real estate foreclosure with post-mortgage mechanics liens.
Agency jurisdiction—Ancillary contract disputes—Attorney fees By William A. Price Administrative Law, February 2014 A brief summary of the Ferris, Thompson, and Zweig, LTD. v. Esposito case.
Agriculture remains a dangerous business By Jeffrey A. Mollet Agricultural Law, March 2014 The author provides some startling ag-related injury statistics.
All the latest developments in health care law By W. Eugene Basanta, Shannon Fruth, & Shane Swords Health Care Law, December 2014 Summaries of recent cases related to health care law.
All the latest developments in health care law By W. Eugene Basanta & Shane Swords Health Care Law, September 2014 Summaries of recent cases related to health care law.
All the latest developments in health care law By W. Eugene Basanta & Shane Swords Health Care Law, June 2014 Summaries of recent cases related to health care law.
All the latest developments in health care law By W. Eugene Basanta, Kent Larsson, & Shane Swords Health Care Law, March 2014 Summaries of recent cases related to health care law.
All-terrain vehicle stamps—The newest source of revenue for the State of Illinois By Jeffrey A. Mollet Agricultural Law, January 2014 Learn more about this new law, which passed in 2012 and is finally taking effect this year.
An alternative to jail: How the judicial system is assisting women at risk By Jon Kingzette Alternative Dispute Resolution, March 2014 The purpose of a Girls Court is to help prostitutes and other women at risk find comfort, come to terms with the fact that they were exploited, and try to prepare for a new life.
Animal cruelty as a criminal offense: The role of abuser registries in combating cruelty By Sarah Hanneken Animal Law, November 2014 Despite proponents’ adamant claims regarding these intended benefits, offender registries have been widely criticized by scholars and law enforcement for their shortcomings and unintended consequences.