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The $10 million comma By Rex Gradeless Government Lawyers, May 2017 On March 13, 2017, the First Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s decision because of a missing comma. This missing comma created a significant-enough ambiguity within Maine’s overtime wage law leading to the reversal. The remanded matter may cost a Maine dairy company $10 million in overtime wages to its employees.
100th General Assembly grants property tax relief by increasing some exemptions By John K. Norris State and Local Taxation, November 2017 With all the political maneuvering and last-minute changes involving the Illinois budget crisis and school funding provisions, one bill was quietly signed into law by Governor Rauner on August 25, 2017 that impacts homeowners: Senate Bill 473, now known as Public Act 100-0401.
14th Amendment’s essential role to equality By Mitchell Weatherill Law Related Education for the Public, July 2017 The Fourteenth Amendment has been the basis for most of the legislation and case law that have driven progress away from exclusion and slavery to democracy and freedom.
20 estate planning tips By Michael H. Erde Trusts and Estates, September 2017 Practical tips drawn from 48 years of practice, compiled by author Michael Erde.
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2015 AAA Construction Industry Arbitration Rules: Fair, efficient & economical arbitrations? By Randall S. Rapp & John N. Rapp Construction Law, June 2017 While the 2015 Rules may not cause significant changes in all arbitrations, they ultimately provide arbitrators adept at managing their arbitrations with the power to provide fairer, more efficient, and more economical arbitration experiences. But the new Rules also add complexity and open the door to court-like discovery and procedures.
2016 tax year in review By Paul A. Meints Trusts and Estates, February 2017 A look back at last year and predictions of what's to come.
2017 Girl Scouts Project Law Track: Lake County By Kristie Cary Fingerhut Law Related Education for the Public, October 2017 Author and attorney Kristie Fingerhut shares how she helped to bring legal education to her daughter's Girl Scout troop.
2017 ISBA High School Mock Trial Invitational By Sarah Taylor Law Related Education for the Public, May 2017 Thirty-nine high school teams participated in this year's event!
2017 ISBA High School Mock Trial Invitational Law Related Education for the Public, February 2017 The 2017 ISBA High School Mock Trial Invitational will be held on March 11 and 12, 2017, at the University of Illinois’ College of Law in Champaign.
2017 legislative update By Phil Milsk Education Law, September 2017 Bills of interest to education law practitioners.
2017 offers hope and change for Health Savings Accounts By Jessica Bejerea Health Care Law, March 2017 A look at the renewed interest in Health Savings Accounts as Congress begins to debate the future of the Affordable Care Act.
2017 Roz Kaplan Government Service Award recipient Patrick Driscoll By Kathryn A. Kelly Government Lawyers, December 2017 Pat Driscoll’s service to the bar, to various bar associations (especially the ISBA), and to the public made him this year’s choice for this wonderful honor.
2017 rural ramblings and thoughts By Jeffrey A. Mollet Agricultural Law, June 2017 Data and general information that may be of use to agricultural law practitioners.
21st Century Cures Bill includes important changes to Federal mental health policy and funding By Mark Heyrman Mental Health Law, February 2017 A summary of the key changes to federal mental health law and policy contained in the new "21st Century Cures" Act.
231 W. Scott - What is an attorney supposed to do? By Paul Peterson Construction Law, December 2017 The nightmare that is 231 W. Scott points out several areas that an owner and the owner's attorney should focus on when entering into a construction project.
3 most common types of exhibits in Order of Protection cases and how to get them admitted By Sally K. Kolb Family Law, October 2017 The three types of exhibits are photographs of injuries or property damage, social media posts, and text messages. Most are relatively simple to admit into evidence and this article is designed to give a primer on how to do so.
5 tips for practicing as a downstate attorney By Samantha Dudzinski Young Lawyers Division, August 2017 Is practicing downstate really any different from practicing in Cook or collar counties? Well, yes and no.
750 ILCS 5/602.9 is facially unconstitutional By Lane Harvey Family Law, September 2017 Author Lane Harvey argues that, given the current statute, there's no circumstance in which a non-parent can ever meet the compelling state interest test or that the court may substitute its judgment as to the reasonableness of a fit parent’s decision regarding the persons with whom his or her child may associate.
7th Circuit reverses trial court action under Rule 59 over strong dissent By William D. Brejcha Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Transportation, December 2017 A summary of Prime Choice Services, Inc. v. Schneider Logistics Transloading and Distribution, Inc.
ABE Opportunity Grants Law Related Education for the Public, October 2017 Opportunity Grants are intended to be one-time awards to start or enhance a program of law-related research, education, or public service projects.
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, (Ret.) Bench and Bar, May 2017 Learn more about the exciting developments and exhibits within this popular museum and library.
ACA & ERISA update By Wesley Covert Employee Benefits, September 2017 To date, the IRS has yet to issue an enforcement letter for the ACA’s Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate (which penalizes large employers that do not offer certain qualifying health coverage to full-time employees).
Access to justice in Illinois: What court personnel & others can (and can’t) do to assist you with your case By Z Williams Law Related Education for the Public, February 2017 What services are circuit clerks, court staff, law librarians, and court volunteers acting in a non-lawyer capacity permitted to engage in?
Accommodating the mobile employee By Alex Rechenmacher Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, February 2017 Employers willing to take the leap and let their workers conduct business outside of the traditional office space need to make important accommodations for this newer, flexible work force.
Addressing the challenge of pro bono legal service By Deane B. Brown Bench and Bar, October 2017 Bench & Bar Section Chair Deane Brown discusses some possible solutions to the challenges of pro bono work.
Agency, Powers of Attorney, co-agency and strict construction By Michael J. Maslanka Trusts and Estates, December 2017 Transactional attorneys and estate planning attorneys need to be aware of not only the language of the court in In Re Estate of Thomas F. Shelton, but in the Illinois Co-Agency statute.
Agency, Powers of Attorney, co-agency and strict construction By Michael J. Maslanka Real Estate Law, July 2017 Transactional attorneys and estate planning attorneys need to be aware of not only the language of the court in In Re Estate of Thomas F. Shelton, but in the Illinois Co-Agency statute.
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Aggravated DUI Conviction Affirmed by Appellate Court By J. Brick Van Der Snick Traffic Laws and Courts, October 2017 In People v. Martin, the Defendant appealed his conviction following a jury trial for Aggravated DUI on two grounds. On appeal the Defendant’s conviction was affirmed by the Appellate Court.
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Airport attorneys By Fiona McEntee Diversity Leadership Council, June 2017 Attorney Fiona McEntee shares what it was like to rush to O'Hare Airport to help newly arriving refugees in the wake of President Trump's 'travel ban.'
All the latest developments in health care law By W. Eugene Basanta, Elizabeth LaRocca, & Ashley Lindsley Health Care Law, December 2017 Recent cases, legislation and regulations of interest to health care law practitioners.