Articles From 2002

In this issue Human and Civil Rights, May 2002 As most of our readers know, on April 15, 2002, the long-awaited report of the Governor's Commission on Capital Punishment was released.
In this issue Human and Civil Rights, April 2002 Although we are not quite yet "back on track" in meeting our newsletter obligations, we have this second issue and with the assistance of the section council members, anticipate meeting our four issue annual obligation.
In This Issue Environmental Law, April 2002 As many attorneys in Illinois know, practicing in the area of environmental law means handling matters before the Pollution Control Board.
In this issue By Margaret P. Howard Environmental Law, March 2002 An introduction to the issue from Editor Margaret Howard.
In this issue Human and Civil Rights, January 2002 We begin with an apology to all for this belated first issue. We are working to get back on track in order to meet our annual newsletter obligations and your patience is appreciated.
In this issue Environmental Law, January 2002 This month's newsletter covers environmental issues ranging from leaves to LUSTs.
An in-house counsel’s guide to the Employee Polygraph Protection Act By Michael Todd Scott Corporate Law Departments, October 2002 You are General Counsel of a company and you receive a call from your Auditing Department.
In-Sites By Chuck Gunnarson Government Lawyers, August 2002 This edition of the In-Sites column contains some useful sites for performing various types of research.
In-sites By Chuck Gunnarson Government Lawyers, June 2002 Many administrative law judges have found Morell E. Mullins' book, Manual For Administrative Law Judges, to be a useful resource in their practices.
In-sites By Chuck Gunnarson Government Lawyers, February 2002 As the saying goes, the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. In this issue of In-sites, we will look at some Web sites devoted to both of those subjects, as well as some other less ominous sites.
Incomprehensible arbitration award enforceable on appeal By Howard Z. Gopman Business Advice and Financial Planning, June 2002 The plaintiff, IDS Life Insurance Company and American Express Financial Advisors, Inc., appealed, a decision of the arbitrators, which had denied the plaintiffs all the relief they had sought
Increased risk of future injury found compensable By Albert E. Durkin, Jr. Tort Law, December 2002 In a ruling that surprised many, the Illinois Supreme Court recently overturned nearly 80 years of existing law by holding that a plaintiff is entitled to obtain compensation for a future injury, stemming from a previous injury, even if it is not reasonably certain to occur.
Indemnification of local governmental officials and employees By Charles Prorok Local Government Law, October 2002 A deputy sheriff is involved in an automobile accident while on routine patrol.
Individual income tax update By James S. Zmuda Federal Taxation, June 2002 In 1 122 S. Ct. 1414, 152 L. Ed. 2d 437 (2002), the United States Supreme Court held that an individual's interest in a tenancy by the entirety was a property interest to which a tax lien could attach.
Individual income tax update By James S. Zmuda Federal Taxation, March 2002 In Mora v. Comm'r, 117 T.C. No. 23 (2001), the Tax Court held a woman was entitled to separate innocent spouse relief under I.R.C. §6015(c) with regard to her former husband's tax shelters.
Individual income tax update: Legislative developments and selected IRS rulings By Thomas F. Arends Federal Taxation, November 2002 Introduction: The following update is a summary of recent legislative developments and selected IRS rulings in the individual income tax area that was set forth in the Federal Taxation Section's 2002 Federal Tax Conference recently held in Chicago and Bloomington, Illinois.
Individual income tax update: refinancing a personal residence By James S. Zmuda Federal Taxation, January 2002 Home mortgage rates are at bargain levels. A few key concepts should be remembered in advising clients in refinancing situations.
Innocent spouse relief update By Robert Weber Trusts and Estates, June 2002 One would think that with the Tax Relief Credit issues, and the relief to victims of the September 11th terrorist acts, the IRS wouldn't have time to do much with respect to Innocent Spouse Relief, but they still managed to have a "full plate."
The ins and outs of extranets By David R. Hambourger Corporate Law Departments, February 2002 An extremely abridged look at the evolution of collaboration...
Inside Administrative Law, October 2002 In June 2002, several members of the Administrative Law Section Council met with representatives of several state agencies to discuss matters of mutual concern.
Inside Administrative Law, September 2002 This issue of the newsletter begins with an article by Section Council member Terry Shafer.
Inside Administrative Law, July 2002 Immediately following the Chair's article and a letter referred to in that article, this issue of the newsletter includes a summary by Section Council member Laura Kotelman of an important new decision by the Illinois Supreme Court.
Intellectual Improbabilities™ By Daniel Kegan Intellectual Property, October 2002 The Official Gazette for Patents stopped paper publication September 25, 2002; electronic publication on CD-ROM began October 1, 2002.
Intellectual improbabilities™ By Daniel Kegan Intellectual Property, June 2002 Douglas Dorhauer, a student at Louisiana State University school of law maintains the Web site.
Intellectual property protection in China By Lu Guoliang International and Immigration Law, January 2002 I am pleased to have this opportunity to introduce some of the efforts made by the Chinese government in improving the investment environment and protecting intellectual property.
Internal Revenue Service adopts final minimum distribution regulations By Philip E. Koenig Trusts and Estates, June 2002 On April 17, 2002, the Internal Revenue Service adopted final regulations relating to minimum distributions from qualified retirement accounts and IRA accounts.
International driver’s license By Angela Peters International and Immigration Law, December 2002 As international traffic began to expand in the post World War II years, government officials and motoring authorities in numerous leading countries realized that the existing treaty-convention in the field (Paris 1926) no longer met the growing needs of international motoring.
The Internet and personal property like-kind exchanges— The brave new world By Edward J. Hannon Federal Taxation, November 2002 Under the rules of section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, a taxpayer will recognize no gain for federal income tax purposes if, among other things, the taxpayer exchanges property that is used in the taxpayer's trade or business or held for investment solely for like-kind property that is used in the taxpayer's trade or business or is held for investment.
Internet Explorer security flaws update By David Clark Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, October 2002 In the March 2002 Legal Tech newsletter, the following article appeared. At the time it was not revealed as to the extent of the damage in the breach of security discovered in Internet Explorer.
Introduction: Civil Law Notary Statute International and Immigration Law, June 2002 During this last legislative session, a proposal was made for Illinois to formerly recognize "Civil Law Notaries."