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Animal law news roundup: A summary of recent news affecting animal law By Melissa Anne Maye Animal Law, September 2014 A summary of recent news articles from around the country discussing current animal law issues.
Appeals court enforces NLRB decision on confidentiality policy By Michael R. Lied Labor and Employment Law, September 2014 A synopsis of Flex Frac Logistics, L.L.C. v. National Labor Relations Board.
Appeals court enforces NLRB decision on confidentiality policy Labor and Employment Law, May 2014 A look at Flex Frac Logistics, L.L.C. v. National Labor Relations Board.
Appellate Court affirms Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board’s decision to uphold the Cook County Board of Review’s ruling to deny petitioner’s request for a reduction in assessment based on vacancy By Mary Nicolau State and Local Taxation, April 2014 A summary of the recent case of John J. Moroney Co. v. Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.
Appellate court raises its eyebrow at Chicago’s ordinance enforcement machine By Evan Bruno Government Lawyers, June 2014 A discussion of the recent case of Stone Street Partners, LLC v. The City of Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings.
Appellate Court upholds ruling that Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act does not apply to unpaid future wages under terminated employment contract By Mary Anne Spellman Gerstner General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, April 2014 A summary of Majmudar v. House Of Spices (India), Inc.
Arbitration clause survives expiration of contract By Michael R. Lied Federal Civil Practice, June 2014 A synopsis of Huffman v. The Hilltop Companies, LLC.
Arbitration vs. litigation: Conflicting clauses across countries By Abigail Van Hook Alternative Dispute Resolution, July 2014 The conflicting clauses bring about problems that are only amplified in the global arena.
ARDC thoughts By John R. Cesario Senior Lawyers, February 2014 A look at trends regarding aging in the legal profession, and things senior lawyers should do to prepare for a sudden illness or disability.
Are electronic wills coming to a state near you? By Darrell Dies Trusts and Estates, October 2014 Although electronic Wills have some practical appeal for the tech-savvy generation, given the security, privacy and authenticity concerns, they are not likely to pick up steam in the near future. However, don’t count them out.
Are the company’s severance and settlement agreements enforceable? By Alan M. Kaplan Business Advice and Financial Planning, July 2014 The decision in EEOC v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc., which was filed in February of this year, may affect what language can be used in enforceable severance agreements.
Assessor attorney, representative, and appraiser meeting: Practice and procedure summary (February 13, 2014) By Thomas A. Jaconetty State and Local Taxation, March 2014 Important information regarding the filing of real estate tax complaints, procedures, and the supporting documentation required for particular classes of property. 
Asylum status and rules: A recurring dialectic By Patrick M. Kinnally International and Immigration Law, September 2014 The issue now on the forefront of immigration asylum law is whether an asylum applicant who has obtained asylum may have that status terminated because the original grant of asylum was procured by fraud.
Attorney malpractice for failure to file blue sky rescission notice By Tae Kim & Charles W. Murdock Business and Securities Law, September 2014 The case of Goldfine v. Barack, Ferrazzano, Kirschbaum & Perlman highlights the uncertainty of what is a sufficient rescission notice, and what is the appropriate calculation for damages under the statutory interest provision.
An author’s guide to publication By Darrell Dies & Jennifer Bunker Trusts and Estates, September 2014 A helpful guide to submitting an article for this newsletter.
Avoiding malpractice under the new estate tax portability rules By Robert J. Kolasa Trusts and Estates, July 2014 This article examines the estate tax portability rules and the sensitive filing deadlines which are needed to invoke its benefit.
Ban the Box Law will soon apply to small Chicago employers By E. Jason Tremblay Labor and Employment Law, December 2014 On November 5, 2014, the Chicago City Council approved an ordinance that effectively makes the recently-passed Illinois’ Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act (commonly known as the Ban the Box Law) apply to Chicago employers with fewer than 15 employees.
Bankruptcy, divorce and judicial estoppel By James Hanauer Family Law, August 2014 What should you do when a spouse files a petition for bankruptcy during a divorce proceeding?
Banks facing greater liability under expansions of both 9(g)(3) and 9(g)(4) of the Condominium Property Act By Stephen J. Butler Commercial Banking, Collections, and Bankruptcy, October 2014 A discussion of both the recent amendatory veto to Senate Bill 2664, and the holding in 1010 Lake Shore Association v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company.
Bar Foundation update By Jean A. Kenol Young Lawyers Division, December 2014 An overview of the IBF and its goals.
Battles over hydraulic fracturing moving to the hinterland By William J. Anaya Environmental Law, January 2014 The recent case of Robinson Township, et al. v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, et al. is significant for a variety of reasons.
‘Be yourself’ is lousy advice By Tania Richard Young Lawyers Division, August 2014 We all play roles in life. The ability to know when to play a role and what role to play is a skill that enhances any interview and work relationship
Behind every great lawyer: Utilizing paralegals effectively in today’s corporate world By Heidi Koch Corporate Law Departments, February 2014 In a business environment increasingly consumed with the bottom line, corporate law departments would do well to use paralegals to their full potential.
The benefits and drawbacks of a grant of withholding of removal By Kristin Michel International and Immigration Law, January 2014 It is important to determine whether a client in removal proceedings who has a fear of being removed to her home country is eligible for asylum rather than simply withholding of removal.
Beware of drafting a division of a retirement plan in a Marital Settlement Agreement where there is a disability pension and a retirement pension component By Anne M. Martinkus Family Law, May 2014 The opinion in In Re Marriage of Carter v. Carter serves to remind us all of the importance of specificity and clarity in our drafting of Marital Settlement Agreements, and particularly in the complicated area of pension and retirement benefits.
Bill of Rights for the Homeless Act By Peter LaSorsa Human and Civil Rights, March 2014 The Bill of Rights for the Homeless Act, codified at 775 ILCS 45, provides seven specific rights to those “experiencing homelessness”
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Boilerplate warnings no defense to fraud: The Second District’s decision in Rasgaitis v. Waterstone By Jennifer Fair & Charles W. Murdock Business and Securities Law, October 2014 A recent Second District case, Rasgaitis v. Waterstone Financial Group Inc., held that, among other things, cautionary language in life insurance policies and annuities did not shield investment advisors from investors’ claims.
Book review By Gary T. Rafool Senior Lawyers, November 2014 A review of The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Decker.
Book review By Sue Liemer Women and the Law, August 2014 A new book for women in the professional workplace, What Works for Women at Work, explains the gendered behavior patterns and gendered political dynamics of the American workplace and offers a range of strategies for handling them.
Book review By Gary T. Rafool Senior Lawyers, June 2014 A review of In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larsen.