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2005 Articles

Shareholder disputes should be mediated By Deborah S. Bussert February 2005 Disputes among shareholders of closely held businesses are among the most costly, contentious and damaging types of litigation.
Special education mediation in Illinois By Denise Gibson April 2005 In 1997, Congress added a requirement that state education agencies must make mediation available whenever a request for a due process hearing has been filed when it reauthorized the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. In Illinois, the State Board of Education provides this mediation service upon request and agreement of the parties.
Traditional ceremonies prove effective in tribal court By Gil Halsted December 2005 Wisconsin Indian tribes are reaching centuries back into their history to find a new way of settling disputes.
Who determines an arbitration agreement’s conscionability? By Samia Zayed December 2005 The question of whether or not arbitrators should decide when arbitration agreements are unconscionable is being tackled by an eleven judge en banc panel of the 9th Circuit in California.