2006 Articles

Message from the Chair By Hon. Michael Jordan February 2006 I am happy to say that the November 18, 2005 CLE program on mediation skills held in Springfield at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library was a success.
News and events By Kristi Hornickel, Megan Kawa, & Samia Zayed April 2006 MTI is coordinating an effort to elect mediators to public office in the United States and other democracies.
Ombudsmen: Part III By Kristi Hornickel February 2006 In the previous two issues of In the Alternative, the role of the ombudsmen has been introduced and the privilege of confidentiality with respect to an ombudsmen has been discussed.
A region ripe for mediation: The genocide in Darfur By Whitney Roberts November 2006 Since early 2003 an international crisis has been perpetuating inside the Darfur region of Sudan.
Restorative justice around the world By Kim Broyles April 2006 A shift in views about crime has been seen around the world. As the view of crime has shifted back to being viewed as a violation against a person as apposed to against the state there has been a worldwide criminal justice reform (Van Ness, 1996, 2005).
Rethinking divorce through collaborative practice By Samia Zayed June 2006 By now it is no surprise to most people that 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce.
Standards & certification section By Megan Kawa & Samia Zayed March 2006 Electronic mail has been ruled as an acceptable means for initiating arbitration by England's Commercial Court.
When is a settlement a settlement? By Champ W. Davis, Jr. March 2006 Despite the wealth of case law enforcing oral settlements and the long-standing tendency of courts to favor compromise and settlement, the enforceability of an oral agreement reached at mediation appears to depend upon the location of the mediation.