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2010 Articles

Profiling professionals in the field: Larry Schaner By Laurel White April 2010 Get to know attorney Lawrence Schaner.
Profiling professionals in the field: Philip Aka profile By Laurel White February 2010 When Philip Aka joined the Illinois State Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution committee two years ago, he didn’t fit the profile of a “typical” ADR committee member.
“The role of the ADR community in preventing the killing of children in Chicago” By Hon. Ann Breen-Greco April 2010 Click to learn more about this recently held CLE program.
Scope of arbitrator’s authority limits authority in rewarding damages By Margaret Nunne October 2010 In Prate Installations, Inc., v. Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, the court found that an arbitrator cannot award damages or remedies for periods of time after the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement.
Supreme Court grants arbitrators more power By Joshua Bailey October 2010 Since Section 2 of the Federal Arbitration Act states that such clauses are “valid, irrevocable, and enforceable” without mentioning the validity of the agreement as a whole, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a challenge to the whole agreement must be decided by the arbitrator.
Supreme Court shifts views on arbitration By Sidra Hamidi May 2010 The Illinois Supreme Court will decide whether courts or arbitrators themselves would decide the enforceability of an arbitration agreement.
Third-party discovery in arbitrations By Champ W. Davis June 2010 Should parties be free to spell out the procedures they will abide by? Or should third-party discovery be eliminated altogether so that arbitration is faster and less costly? The Seventh Circuit has so far been split on the issue.
Time to make a difference By Robert E. Wells, Jr. December 2010 Law Day 2011 provides an ideal vehicle to re-emphasize the efforts and commitment of our profession to making this a better world. Check the next issue of this newsletter for details on how to get involved.