2011 Articles

Antitrust counseling for firms with large market share: Navigating the antitrust minefield in the current era of uncertainty By James F. Mongoven April 2011 The transcript of remarks given by James F. Mongoven, Deputy Assistant Director of Office of Policy and Coordination, Bureau of Competition, Federal Trade Commission.
Chair’s comment By Kavita Puri April 2011 A recap of the Section's most recent CLE program.
Chair’s note By Kavita Puri September 2011 A message from Outgoing Chair Kavita Puri.
China’s recent regulations on price-related monopolistic conduct By Ying Deng February 2011 Firms doing business in China should be cautious that agreements executed outside of China may still be subject to the Antimonopoly Law of the People's Republic of China, provided that the activities could have some effect on the Chinese market.
Editor’s note By Kate O’Súilleabháin September 2011 An introduction to the issue from Editor Kate Ó Súilleabháin.
Editor’s note By Kate O’Súilleabháin April 2011 An introduction to the issue from Editor Kate O Suilleabhain.
Editor’s note By Kate O’Súilleabháin February 2011 An introduction to the issue from Editor Kate O Suilleabhain.
Fall news roundup September 2011 Recent developments in antitrust & unfair competition law.
Hydrogen Peroxide two years later—Antitrust class certification update By Karen Sewell February 2011 A look at the changes in antitrust class certification since In re Hydrogen Peroxide Antitrust Litigation.
Mergers and acquisitions: Recent changes to the Antitrust Division’s policy guide to merger remedies mark a shift in stance on conduct remedies By Mark McCareins & Mohammad Khatib September 2011 A discussion of the DOJ Antitrust Division’s recently issued policy guide to merger remedies. The guide is intended to provide guidance to Antitrust Division staff in their work analyzing proposed remedies for mergers.
Municipal antitrust immunity: A survey of Illinois decisions By Jamie Manning February 2011 A summary of the cases challenging Illinois municipalities' antitrust liability exemption.
Standing of purchasers of finished products containing price-fixed components: In re Refrigerant Compressors Antitrust Litigation By Eileen Flynn September 2011 The district court’s focus on a defendant’s having both manufactured the compressors and used the compressors it manufactured in a finished product suggests that a manufacturer might not be liable to purchasers of finished products if the manufacturer did not use its own parts in the finished product.
Winning at the gate: A practical approach to pleading or attacking antitrust claims in the post-Twombly/Iqbal world By Beth L. Fancsali & Patrick Frye April 2011 Unlike in the pre-Twombly days, plaintiffs may now need to conduct an extensive investigation or obtain expert economic analysis in advance of filing an antitrust suit.