2015 Articles

Agency enforcement actions remind companies to be vigilant about HSR requirements By Kristin Petersen March 2015 In 2014, two actions brought by the DOJ and the FTC serve as an important reminder that companies must be diligent about analyzing and complying with applicable requirements under the HSR Act and that failure to do so can be costly.
In Re: Text Messaging Antitrust Litigation—Aircraft Check Services Co., et al., v. Verizon Wireless et al., No. 14-2301 (7th Cir. April 9, 2015) By Ambrose V. McCall April 2015 The opinion provides a roadmap for the type of evidence plaintiffs must assemble and organize in order to take a Section 1 Sherman Act price-fixing conspiracy claim to trial.
Overturning the Carriage: A proposed update to the pleading standard for price-fixing claims under the Illinois Antitrust Act By James F. Herbison March 2015 The complexities and newly developed standards of current antitrust law have rendered People v. Carriage Way West, Inc. obsolete as a mode of pleading.