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In the agencies June 2014 Recent updates of interest to antitrust & unfair competition law practitioners.
Second Circuit’s opinion in United States v. Grimm: A limit on the statute of limitations in continuing conspiracy cases By Lauren N. Norris June 2014 The Second Circuit’s opinion in United States v. Grimm could limit the U.S. government’s ability to prosecute cases where routine payments within the limitations period, by themselves, are used to indict offenses that would otherwise be time-barred.
Unbridled or reined in? Horse cloning suit shows antitrust risks for association rule-making By Beth L. Fancsali & Aaron J. Hersh June 2014 Cloning of animals, and whether a breed association can ban clones from its registry, is the subject of much debate: not only from a scientific and moral standpoint, but now also from an antitrust perspective.