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Bench & Bar
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Bench & Bar Section

May 2017, vol. 47, no. 10

Recent appointments and retirements

1. Pursuant to its Constitutional authority, the Supreme Court has appointed the following to be Circuit Judge:

• Bradford A. Rau, Sr., 6th Circuit, 4/3/2017

• Hon. Rick A. Mason, 12th Circuit, 4/20/2017

• Anthony Swanagan, Cook County Circuit, 15th Subcircuit, 4/24/2017


2. The Circuit Judges have appointed the following to be Associate Judge:

• Clayton R. Lee, 14th Circuit, 4/28/2017


3. The following judges have retired:

• Hon. Scott B. Diamond, Associate Judge, 6th Circuit, 4/6/2017


4. The following Judge is deceased:

• Hon. Raymond Myles, Associate Judge, Cook County Circuit, 4/10/2017


5. The following Judge has resigned:

• Hon. Richard C. Cooke, Cook County Circuit, 6th Subcircuit, 4/25/2017