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Criminal Justice

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Section ProspectusThe mission of ISBA Criminal Justice Section

  • to work for a system of criminal justice that fairly protects the accused, the accuser, and the public in general;
  • to seek or oppose change, as considered appropriate, by legislative activity, recommendations on court rules and recommendations to agencies; and
  • to educate and inform lawyers and the general public through newsletters, seminars and other appropriate channels of communication.

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Federal 7th Circuit / Criminal

Habeas Corpus  |  S.D. Ill.

Conroy v. Thompson, No. 17-3624 (July 11, 2019) Affirmed

Federal 7th Circuit / Criminal

Supervised Release  |  S.D. Ill.

U.S. v. Smith, No. 18-3265 (July 11, 2019) Affirmed

Federal 7th Circuit / Criminal

Waiver  |  E.D. Wisc.

U.S. v. Desotell, No. 18-2778 (July 11, 2019) Appeal dismissed

Illinois Appellate Court / Criminal

DUI  |  3d Dist.

People v. Atchison, 2019 IL App (3d) 180183 (July 11, 2019) Peoria Co. (O'BRIEN) Reversed and remanded.

Illinois Appellate Court / Criminal

Jury  |  3d Dist.

People v. Grant, 2019 IL App (3d) 170185 (July 11, 2019) Peoria Co. (CARTER) Affirmed.