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2017 Articles

Basics of involuntary transfers/discharges from nursing homes By Dolores Wigman February 2017 Because of the physical and emotional harm caused by moving the elderly and frail from familiar surroundings and routines, federal and state laws provide nursing home residents the right to remain in their nursing homes except in limited circumstances.
Elder law desk reference: 2017 numbers and statistics By Martin W. Siemer February 2017 A compilation of useful info you'll want to keep handy.
Financial services industry responds to financial exploitation of seniors By James C. Krupp September 2017 The US Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a new rule proposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. to protect seniors and other specified adults from financial exploitation.
Utilizing the Attorney General’s office to educate about local scams targeting the elderly By J. Amber Drew May 2017 Educating our clients is the best defense against any scams. And educating ourselves helps us to be better advocates for our clients.
Who gets the painting on the living room wall? By Cary A. Lind September 2017 Distributing tangible property can be one of the most trying tasks that a fiduciary has, whether the distribution is through a Probate estate or through a trust.
You can help an elder this summer! By Susan L. DeCostanza & Karen Munoz May 2017 You may not have realized that you can visit an elder in your community and log pro bono hours at the same time, but you can.