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2018 Articles

Appellate court’s estate planning advice By Michael J. Maslanka November 2018 In the recent case of Johnson v. Filler, the second district appellate court issued an opinion dealing with alleged legal malpractice by attorneys with regard to their preparation of wills and trusts.
Editor’s note By Curt Ford November 2018 An introduction to the issue by the Section on Elder Law's editor, Curt Ford.
Elder law desk reference: 2018 numbers and statistics By Martin W. Siemer February 2018 Keep these facts and figures handy!
GAL checklist By Eugenia Hunter November 2018 A checklist to use as guardian ad litem for a disabled adult.
Guardianship checklist By Eugenia Hunter November 2018 A guardianship checklist to use when representing the petitioner.
New laws By Karen Alice Kloppe February 2018 A list of new Public Acts that may impact elder law practitioners.
Short-term guardian form By J. Amber Drew November 2018 A short-term guardian form typically used by parents leaving their kids with the grandparents.
Sibling rivalry By Michael H. Erde December 2018 Many estate plans go up in smoke because of family disharmony and conflict in court or because of a lifetime of estrangement among family members.
What every Illinois estate planner should know about elder mediation By Roselyn L. Friedman June 2018 As the number of people living into their 80s, 90s, and beyond increases, many more families are dealing with difficult issues in connection with an aging parent whose wishes are to be honored and respected, including those about health care, living arrangements, and finances.
When does Medicare cover skilled nursing care? By Lawrence J. Stark December 2018 A basic outline of the requirements and limitations of Medicare's coverage of skilled nursing care—a subject that often confuses elderly clients.
When life gets complicated By Signe Gleeson June 2018 Professional care managers are an important part of the team when complex care issues arise as clients age or face chronic physical or mental illness.