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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Local Government Law

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Newsletter articles from 2005

Solid waste disposal and the Commerce Clause By Divya K. Sarang April 2005 Safe and efficient waste disposal remains a challenge to communities. Local Governments continue to pass laws regulating the disposal. Appellate courts interpret the spirit of the law as laid down by the Supreme Court .
When does a disability justify a pension? The aftermath of the Turcol decision By Carlos S. Arévalo September 2005 On October 6, 2004, the Supreme Court granted appeal of a First District decision in the matter of Turcol v. Pension Board of Trustees of the Matteson Police Pension Fund.
Willful and wanton failure to prevent a crime of domestic violence: Partial or absolute immunity? By Joy A. Roberts May 2005 On permissive interlocutory appeal, the First District held Section 305 of the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 supercedes Sections 4-102 and 4-107 of the Tort Immunity Act, and authorizes civil cause of action against law enforcement authorities for willful and wanton misconduct associated with a failure to prevent a crime against a victim of domestic violence.