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2016 Articles

Appellate update By Andreas Liewald May 2016 Illinois Supreme Court In re Linda B., 2015 IL App (1st) 132134 (February 18, 2015) Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission has filed a PLA and has filed a Motion for Extension. Respondent was held on medical floor for 17 days before a petition for involuntary admission was filed.
Appellate update By Andreas Liewald March 2016 Recent cases of interest.
Bill to restrict guardians increases likelihood of ward abuse By Daniel G. Deneen May 2016 The author shares his thoughts on HB 4569, which was recently introduced in the Illinois General Assembly.
CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) and the emergency response to a crisis that involves the police By Dara M. Bass December 2016 The ISBA Mental Health Law Section Council recently welcomed Alexa James, the Executive Director of National Alliance on Mental Illness Chicago, to speak about the emergency crisis responses by the police.
Ex-small biz lobbyist tapped for mental health advocate post December 2016 A veteran small business lobbyist has been hired to help handle state mental health government affairs for a top Illinois behavioral health advocacy group and to push to reverse state funding cuts opposed by Illinois voters.
Journalist speaks with Mental Health Section Council members By Patti Werner October 2016 Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Jackson addressed the Mental Health Section Council’s members at its September meeting.
Letter from the Chair By Joseph T. Monahan December 2016 A message from Mental Health Law Section Chair Joe Monahan.
Letter from the Chair By Joseph T. Monahan October 2016 A message from Mental Health Law Section Chair Joe Monahan.
Letter from the Chair By Barbara Goeben March 2016 A  message from Section Chair Barbara Goeben.
New laws in 2016 By Joseph T. Monahan April 2016 The new year brought a variety of new laws and amendments to existing laws taking effect in Illinois.
New legal rules regarding medical cannabis By Meryl Camin Sosa December 2016 A discussion of the new rules as well as the existing legal requirements regarding medical cannabis.
Premiere mental health treatment for emerging adults By Susan D. O’Neal December 2016 Yellowbrick uses cutting-edge science, such as brain imaging, EEGs, and pharmaco-genomic testing to find the best medicine to treat the condition and to measure progress.
Privacy of mental health records in Illinois: The Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act By Sarah J. Taylor April 2016 An overview of the Act and some of the issues that can arise when practitioners seek access to mental health records in various situations.
Race, ethnicity affect kids’ access To mental health care, study finds By Shefali Luthra October 2016 Getting treatment for a mental health condition remains difficult — and it’s worse for children, especially those who identify as black or Hispanic.
Review of Illinois mental health legislation—2015 By Mark J. Heyrman March 2016 Highlights of the bills passed in Illinois in 2015 that affect those who work in the mental health field.
Unmasking client pseudo-mental capacity By Rick L. Law October 2016 It is the lawyer’s duty to determine whether or not a client or prospective client has sufficient capacity to engage in contracts; make donations or gifts; or create testamentary documents.
Your client has just been found not guilty by reason of insanity—Your work is not over By Mark J. Heyrman May 2016 Following this successful defense, counsel must ensure that: (1) the defendant is transferred promptly to a Department of Human Services facility for an evaluation; (2) the defendant receives a commitment hearing; and (3) if the defendant is committed, he is given a commitment which is no longer than authorized under 730 ILCS 5/5-2-4(b).