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Newsletter articles from 2017

21st Century Cures Bill includes important changes to Federal mental health policy and funding By Mark Heyrman February 2017 A summary of the key changes to federal mental health law and policy contained in the new "21st Century Cures" Act.
Appellate update By Barbara Goeben June 2017 Recent cases of interest to mental health practitioners.
Can a defendant be compelled to submit to a Rule 215 physical or mental examination? By Albert E. Durkin February 2017 Are there circumstances where a plaintiff can request that the Court compel the defendant to submit to a physical or mental examination by a physician designated by the plaintiff? The case of Jane Doe v. Norman Weinzweig answers that question.
Choosing a safe and effective mental health application: Understanding what factors should be considered to protect patients from a lack of FDA regulation By Sarah Costa February 2017 Most mental health apps do not change a phone into a medical device, nor are they intended to be used as an accessory to an already regulated medical device. As such, most will avoid FDA regulation.
A final court’s not-so-final words By Matthew R. Davison June 2017 Practitioners must remember to consider other resources and authority outside of applicable case law or risk overlooking critical developments stemming from both decisions.
Letter from the Chair By Joseph T. Monahan June 2017 A message from Section Chair Joseph Monahan.
Letter from the Chair By Joseph T. Monahan February 2017 A message from Section Chair Joseph Monahan.
Mental health treatment inside the Illinois prison system and upon release from prison By Dara M. Bass June 2017 The Section Council recently welcomed attorney Stuart Chanen to discuss mental health statistics and issues within Illinois' prison population.
Overview of the healthcare landscape as it relates to Medicaid managed care By Dara M. Bass June 2017 A Request for Proposals (RFP) has been issued to determine what the changes to Medicaid might be, and it's likely to create a number of different changes in Medicaid for the state of Illinois.
A resolution for 2017: Giving serious consideration to outpatient treatment By Matthew R. Davison February 2017 This article highlights the new Cook County Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program and is meant to spur further contemplation and dialogue among those providers not participating in the program about how outpatient treatment demands serious consideration now, more than ever.