2020 Articles

Deal or No Deal By Albert E. Durkin February 2020 A summary of Tielke v. Auto Owners Insurance Co., which involves mistakes made by both a trial judge and a plaintiff’s attorney as well as a possible ethical violation by a defense counsel.
Editor’s Note By John L. Nisivaco March 2020 An introduction to the issue from the editor, John L. Nisivaco.
Editor’s Note By John L. Nisivaco February 2020 An introduction to the issue by John L. Nisivaco.
Expert Testimony in the Age of Disinformation By Michael Alkaraki March 2020 In today’s information-based society, there is a fine line between the court’s proper deference to the jury and its obligation to ensure that verdicts are supported by the evidence.
Illinois Plaintiff as Bystander Cases By Greg Patricoski & Jennie Christensen March 2020 An analysis of how damages are awarded in “plaintiff as bystander” cases where the plaintiff did not incur severe physical injury but suffers an emotional disturbance as the result of negligent physical contact.
Uncharted Waters: The Discoverability of Forensic Cell Phone Data in Personal Injury Cases By Richard L. Pullano February 2020 In Carlson v. Jerousek, the second district analyzed the competing interests impacting the discoverability of electronically stored information contained on computers in a personal injury case.