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Protect Your Practice with Practice HQ

We recently launched our new member benefit, Practice HQ. Organized by the lifecycle of a law practice, this one-stop microsite houses together high-quality practice information in one place.

Once you've opened your firm, developed a marketing and retention strategy to build your client base, and learned the ins and outs of managing your practice, you can focus your energies on safeguarding your practice. In the face of disruptions — natural or man-made — you have to be prepared to keep your clients' data, firm, and employees safe, and recover quickly from unpredicted circumstances. For members who are interested in developing a plan to protect a practice, Practice HQ offers the tools you'll need. 

The checklist-style worksheets housed in Practice HQ's whitepapers and checklist sections provide a great starting point .They are designed to help you determine your firm's current level of preparedness and assess the continuity plan in place. Some forms provide a broad-level overview of organizational risk, while others are narrowly tailored to guide a firm through a specific event or natural disaster. There are also resources to develop a crisis communication plan, so that your firm is able to communicate effectively in the face of an emergency.

Practice HQ also has the information you need to understand and protect your firm from cyber threats, which continue to grow at an alarming rate. From phishing to ransomware attacks, data loss can lead to malpractice claims. The free online CLE and articles will help you learn all the steps and technology your firm will need to be secure on office devices, mobile devices, and cloud-based services.

To benefit from these and other resources, log in to the ISBA website and visit Practice HQ today. 

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Sara Anderson

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