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Mobile Application Changes the Conversation in Legal Practice Management

As legal consumers conduct more and more business on-the-go, a mobile application that can meet these modern needs of attorneys, their staff, and consumers is a necessity.

Rocket Matter, an online legal practice management software provider, today launched redesigned mobile application that includes powerful collaboration tools to boost profits and increase efficiency. Communicator, a secure messaging tool, allows legal professionals to collaborate on cases from within their practice management software.

Communicator functions similarly to tools such as HipChat or Slack and is built into the core Rocket Matter application. Lawyers can share messages and associate them with matters for easy archiving. Communicator also provides for file transfer and natural language processing, creating a conversational ability to set calendar appointments. Messaging is only as good as your ability to use it on the go, so Communicator is an integral part of Rocket Matter’s new mobile application.

Atlas Gold also integrates with LawToolBox, a court rules and deadline management system provider. Subscribers to LawToolBox now have the ability to have their case deadlines imported directly into Rocket Matter.

Additionally, law firms using Rocket Matter can now collect eCheck payments via electronic invoicing, payment plans, and recurring billing thanks to our integration with the legal processing specialist, LexCharge. Such eCheck payments allow law firms to collect payments with bank account information as opposed to checks or credit cards, speeding collection times and lowering processing rates.

Rocket Matter, LLC helps law firms provide better client service and also increase revenues. Founded in 2008 as the first cloud-based product on the market, Rocket Matter offers an all-in- one legal practice management platform with the most powerful, easy-to- use time and billing software in the industry.

Posted on September 5, 2017 by Sara Anderson
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