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Practice HQ Resource: Managing Distractions in the 21st Century

Studies show that the average American worker is interrupted every two to three minutes while on the job. At that rate, it’s a wonder anyone can finish daily tasks, let alone major projects.

The ISBA’s whitepaper on managing distractions in a digital age provides four fronts to address distractions and how to overcome them in the workplace. Those fronts include promoting physical and mental health, putting value on workplace and organizational health, creating a time, task and email methodology, and better understanding attention- and distraction-management skills.

The whitepaper is one of many member resources available at Practice HQ, the ISBA’s one-stop microsite for practice management and technology information. Organized by the life cycle of a law practice, Practice HQ can help you start a firm, build, manage, protect, or wind down. Practice HQ content is members-only; you must log in to the ISBA website for full access.

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Rhys Saunders
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