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Voting Underway in 2020 ISBA Election

Voting is now underway in the 2020 ISBA Election.

ISBA's election provider Election America emailed e-ballots to members with valid email addresses today, Thursday, March 26. Members without a valid email address will be mailed a paper ballot. All members of the Association (except non-lawyer members) with dues paid by March 1, 2020 are eligible to vote. The deadline for voting is Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. 

Candidate biographies and webpages are available on the ISBA Election page.

Eligible members with ISBA addresses in the areas in which there are contested elections may vote in the appropriate Board of Governors and Assembly race. Pursuant to the Policy and Procedures on Association Elections, when a vacancy is uncontested (candidates filing equaled or were less than the number of candidates to be elected) each candidate is automatically elected.

The contested offices are:

Third Vice-President (1 to be elected; 3 candidates)

  • Nora Ann Devine 
  • Shawn S. Kasserman  
  • Ava George Stewart 

Board of Governors

Cook (2 to be elected; 3 candidates)

  • Julie A. Johnson* 
  • Stephen M. Komie  
  • Arlette G. Porter   

Under Age 37 - Cook County (1 to be elected; 2 candidates)

  • Azar Alexander 
  • Jennifer A. Haase 


Cook County (21 to be elected; 23 candidates)

  • Michael Alkaraki 
  • Patrice Ball-Reed* 
  • Joel Chupack* 
  • Chris Cohen 
  • Sandra Crawford   
  • Umberto Davi* 
  • Jessica Durkin 
  • Sharon L. Eiseman  
  • Gail Tuler Friedman 
  • Jesse Gonzalez 
  • David P. Huber* 
  • Stephen M. Komie*  
  • Lori G. Levin 
  • Jeffrey G. Liss 
  • Ashanti Madlock Henderson*  
  • Bruno Ronald Marasso* 
  • Emily N. Masalski 
  • Erica Chron Minchella*  
  • Megan Fahey Monty  
  • J. Damian Ortiz* 
  • Alan Pearlman 
  • Chloé G. Pedersen*  
  • Benjamin Sweeney 

* Denotes Incumbent

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