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Secretary of State Legal Positions Open

The Office of the Illinois Secretary of State is seeking a deputy director for its administrative hearings department, based in Springfield, and an assistant general counsel for its vehicle services department, also based in Springfield.

The Secretary of State’s office is looking for an experienced attorney to serve as a Springfield based deputy director of its administrative hearings department.  This position oversees formal hearings, informal hearings, drafting of orders, helps set policies and procedures for the department, and supervises support staff, in addition to other duties.  Candidates for this position may include attorneys who are ready to step away from the stress of litigation, dealing with clients, and tracking billable hours; attorneys who have retired recently, decided they don’t like retirement, and want to rejoin the workforce; or attorneys who are mid-career and ready for a change. 

The Secretary of State’s office is looking for an attorney to serve as assistant general counsel in its Springfield office advising our vehicle services department.  The duties of this position include drafting legislation and administrative rules, advising the department regarding compliance with existing laws and regulations, answering questions regarding the licensing of vehicle dealerships, and participating in formulating policies for the operations of the department.  Less experienced attorneys will be considered for this position.

For more information, contact Nathan Maddox, Senior Legal Adviser, at

Posted on September 8, 2020 by Rhys Saunders

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