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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers

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Newsletter Articles From 2002

Our first CLE program—A rave review By Rosalyn B. Kaplan December 2002 On September 19, 2002, the Standing Committee on Government Lawyers sponsored, in conjunction with the ABA's Government & Public Sector Lawyers Division, a continuing legal education program produced by and for government lawyers.
Reducing the burden of student loans—The Career Criminal Justice Attorney Education Expenses Repayment Act—House Bill 5599 By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr. April 2002 The Task Force on Professional Practice1 in the Illinois Justice Systems was created by the Illinois legislature to examine the ability of Illinois' criminal and juvenile justice systems to dispense justice in a fair, equitable and just manner.
Report of the Governor’s Commission on Capital Punishment By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr., Paul A. Logli, and Lynn Patton November 2002 Editors' Note: On April 15, 2002, the long-awaited Report of the Governor's Commission on Capital Punishment was released.
Secret agendas and the Illinois Open Meetings Act* By Mark E. Wojcik December 2002 The Illinois Open Meetings Act is designed to give citizens advance notice of all meetings at which any business of a public body is discussed or acted upon in any way.
So you’re looking for a job? By Trisha Crowley December 2002 Lawyers working for government agencies are frequently affected by the biennial or quadrennial election process.
Someone you should know: Juanita Temple By Doris J. Funches August 2002 Inspired to pursue a legal career when our country was experiencing political and social change due to Watergate and the Civil Rights Movement, Juanita S. Temple is the epitome of an accomplished attorney, brightened with skill while maintaining a watchful eye on the community.
Someone you should know: Paige Reed By Judith Hahn and Polly Hampton June 2002 Describing the balancing act between career and family as challenging is an understatement.
Someone you should know: Peg Rawles By Katie Williams February 2002 As nearly every human being does, Margaret M. "Peg" Rawles has gone through a series of phases in her life.
“Taking the Fifth” at an administrative hearing By Rosalyn B. Kaplan December 2002 During contested cases before administrative tribunals, it sometimes happens that a witness refuses to testify on the ground that his answer might tend to incriminate him.
Unauthorized practice of law in administrative proceedings By Claire A. Manning and Richard R. McGill, Jr. August 2002 Administrative agencies deciding contested cases need to be aware that the parties before them may have to be represented by an attorney.