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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers

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Newsletter Articles From 2003

Reflections on Donald E. Ruff: Illinois lawyers have lost a good friend By John E. Thies August 2003 While I have difficulty remembering much about my first meeting with Don Ruff--I believe it took place at an annual meeting in Lake Geneva--I vividly remember the second.
A short course on advanced directives By James B. Moses, Jr. August 2003 Have you ever been at a social function or family gathering, and approached by a family member or friend with the dreaded words:"You're a lawyer aren't you?"
Someone you should know: Diann Marsalek By John Scully November 2003 Diann Marsalek has no trouble keeping busy. As Chief Counsel for the Illinois Department of Corrections (“DOC”), she is responsible for all legal affairs involving 13,000 DOC staff members, the 44,000 adults currently housed in Illinois’ correctional facilities, and the thousands more residing in adult transition centers and juvenile detention centers.
Someone you should know: Jan Paul Miller By Aaron Freeman August 2003 After graduating from Harvard Law School, Jan Paul Miller worked in private law firms in New York and Boston for partners who had previously worked as Assistant United States Attorneys.
Someone you should know: Miriam Miquelon By Polly Hampton and Judith Hahn February 2003 An interview with a United States Attorney is enough to make any two law students nervous.
State’s attorney’s efforts recognized August 2003 Will County State's Attorney Jeff Tomczak will receive the Illinois State Crime Commission's State's Attorney of the Year Award.