2023-2024 Deadlines

CLE Proposal Deadlines

CLE programs and speakers should be confirmed four to six months prior to the event, unless it is a hot topic that can be presented more quickly. In the FY23-24 term, please plan programs that will occur between October of 2023 and November of 2024. The proposal form is available on the CLE Coordinators page.

Live Onsite Programs Deadlines
Submission Deadline Presentation Date
July 15th December or January
September 15th February or March
November 15th April or May
January 15th June
March 15th September
May 15th October or November
Studio/Web Presentation Programming Deadlines
Submission Deadline Presentation Date
July 15th October or November
September 15th December or January
November 15th February or March
January 15th April or May
March 15th June
May 15th September

Newsletter Deadlines

Each Section must produce a quarterly newsletter, with each issue published on or before the dates highlighted. Sections are welcome to publish as many as 12 issues per year, or one per month. Anything submitted after the 10th will be published the following month.

All authors must sign one of our two release forms.

  • The general form only needs to be signed once and applies to all future articles written.
  • The single-use form must be signed for each article published.
Newsletter Deadlines
Submission Deadline Issue Date
July 10th July
August 10th August
September 10th September
October 10th October
November 10th November
December 10th December
January 10th January
February 10th February
March 10th March
April 10th April
May 10th May
June 10th June

Legislation Deadlines

Legislation proposals are due to the ISBA Legislation department on June 1st of every year. These proposals may be considered for inclusion in the ISBA Legislative package.