Quick Takes for Your Practice Video

Want to help ISBA provide lawyers with “just-in-time” practice-related information? Record a short 3 – 5 minute video on your legal topic for ISBA’s YouTube channel!          

Benefits of Recording a Quick Takes Video

  • The opportunity to build credibility as a speaker on your topic
  • Exposure to ISBA’s membership and a growing audience of over 2.3K YouTube subscribers
  • Video views by thousands of potential referral sources
  • A professionally edited video posted on ISBA’s YouTube channel that you can link to or embed on your firm’s website and post on social media
  • The opportunity to get professional on-camera coaching and feedback, if you record with the ISBA video producer
  • Satisfaction from sharing your professional expertise with your peers

The Quick Takes Video Process

1. Review Our Guidelines and Tips

2. Submit a Video Proposal

  • ISBA will let you know if your proposal has been accepted and send instructions.

Submit Your Proposal

3. If Accepted, Choose Your Recording Option and Get Started!

  • To record with ISBA’s video producer, schedule a time.
  • Record on your own and follow ISBA’s submission guidelines.
  • Review the edited video before it is posted on ISBA’s website.


Please email us if you have questions or call 800-252-8908 and ask for the CLE Department.