Quick Takes for Your Practice Video

Want to help ISBA provide lawyers with “just-in-time” practice-related information? Record a short 3 – 5 minute video on your legal topic for ISBA’s YouTube channel!          

Benefits of Recording a Quick Takes Video

  • The opportunity to build credibility as a speaker on your topic
  • Exposure to ISBA’s membership and a growing audience of over 2.3K YouTube subscribers
  • Video views by thousands of potential referral sources
  • A professionally edited video posted on ISBA’s YouTube channel that you can link to or embed on your firm’s website and post on social media
  • The opportunity to get professional on-camera coaching and feedback, if you record with the ISBA video producer
  • Satisfaction from sharing your professional expertise with your peers

The Quick Takes Video Process

1. Review Our Guidelines and Tips

2. Submit a Video Proposal

  • ISBA will let you know if your proposal has been accepted and send instructions.

Submit Your Proposal

3. If Accepted, Choose Your Recording Option and Get Started!


Please email us if you have questions or call 800-252-8908 and ask for the CLE Department.