Animal Law

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Animal law is a growing field that touches upon many facets of our profession.  The animal law section is a forum in which members can discuss, learn about, and develop animal law. 

Like environmental law, animal law is an umbrella concept that covers many areas of law, including: cruelty statutes (criminal law), municipal ordinances (administrative law), veterinary malpractice and boarding/grooming injuries (civil law), wildlife and farm animal management (regulatory law), pet trusts (estate planning law), and questions of legal standing for animals (constitutional law).  Animal law also covers all types of animals, ranging from companion animals to wildlife, entertainment, research, and farm animals. 

The activities of the animal law section include: 

  1. Live and recorded CLE seminars to educate members of the bar (and the public) on laws, regulations, and court decisions dealing with various issues related to animal law;
  2. The monitoring of developments in the animal law field, and dissemination of topical information to members through newsletters and a list serve;
  3. Serving as a resource for the public, organizations, law school animal law groups, and governmental agencies that wish to obtain information about animal law issues;
  4. Evaluation of and recommendations regarding existing and proposed legislation and regulations in the animal law field; and
  5. Providing a forum for animal law attorneys to meet, exchange ideas, share best practices, and have a positive impact on the practice of law in this developing area.