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  • Letter from the Editor
    Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Animal Law Section newsletter! 
  • Comments from the Chair
    No matter what your practice area, human interests often intersect with animal interests. The ISBA’s Animal Law Section offers you both an opportunity to stay on top of this constantly evolving area, as well as a valuable link to resources you may need when that intersection of interests crosses your desk. 
  • The Illinois Pet Trust Act
    Some individuals are so attached to their companion animals that they wish to provide for their care and well-being, even after the owners have died. 
  • Distinguishing marketing claims for grass-fed, organic, and pasture-raised livestock
    In an effort to distinguish their products from those of competitors, some segments of the livestock and meat industries make labeling claims referring to special attributes of their product or process
  • Innkeepers Lien Act and a boarder’s bankruptcy
    An interesting question came up on a listserv I belong to: whether or not a trustee in a boarder’s Arizona bankruptcy case could void that state’s agister’s lien in favor of the boarding barn and sell the boarder’s horses to satisfy the bankruptcy estate debts.

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