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September 2017Volume 48Number 3PDF icon PDF version (for best printing)

Recent appointments and retirements

1. Pursuant to its Constitutional authority, the Supreme Court has appointed the following to be Circuit Judge:

• John S. Fotopoulos, Cook County Circuit, August 7, 2017

• Hon. Litricia Payne, Cook County Circuit, 1st Subcircuit, August 7, 2017

• Oran F. Whiting, Cook County Circuit, August 8, 2017


2. The Circuit Judges have appointed the following to be Associate Judge:

• Christopher W. Matoush, 4th Circuit, August 1, 2017

• Kevin D. Tippey, 8th Circuit, August 4, 2017


3. The following judges have retired:

• Hon. Thomas Brannon, Associate Judge, 8th Circuit, August 2, 2017

• Hon. Orville E. Hambright, Jr., Cook County Circuit, 1stSubcircuit, August 4, 2017

• Pamela Hughes Gillespie, Associate Judge, Cook County Circuit, August 31, 2017

• ohn F. Joyce, Associate Judge, 15th Circuit, August 31, 2017

• William O. Maki, Cook County Circuit, 12th Subcircuit, August 31, 2017


4. The following Judge is deceased:

• Robert P. LaChien, 20th Circuit, August 31, 2017

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