Section Activities Summary

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Below is a summary of activities of this section from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. While past activity is no guarantee of future activity, it may give a idea of what to expect this year.

Section Stats


During the 2020–21 bar year, the Section published four newsletters. Articles included:

Continuing Legal Education

Section members receive discounts on section-sponsored CLE programs. During the 2020–21 bar year, the Section sponsored the following programs:

ISBA Central Discussions

ISBA Central communities allows section members to pose questions, answer questions, and share information with fellow section members. Members of the section get free access to the section’s community. Joining any section also grants you access to the Transactional and Litigation communities. Below are the total number of discussion posts during the 2020–21 bar year.

Child Law

  • Community members: 385
  • Total discussion posts: 17


  • Community members: 25,879
  • Total discussion posts: 958


  • Community members: 25,867
  • Total discussion posts: 1,739


The Section Council reviewed 70 bills that may affect their members’ practice area. Highlights of the most recent legislative session include:

  • Senate Bill 2122 presumes it to be inadmissible if a minor makes a confession during a custodial interrogation if a law enforcement officer knowingly engages in deception.
  • House Bill 3277 requires the court in counties under three million to appoint a CASA if a CASA is available for petitions filed alleging a minor is abused, neglected, or dependent.
  • Senate Bill 64 creates a limited legal privilege for communications in restorative justice proceedings so that participation is protected.