Child Law Links

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Reports, Research and Publications

  • Juvenile Justice in Illinois Information to help citizens learn how to reduce juvenile delinquency in their community and provide alternatives to youth imprisonment.
  • Rethinking the Juvenile in Juvenile Justice. The Wisconsin Council for Children and Families has produced a report that promotes the juvenile justice system incorportating recent brain research studies.

National Organizations

  • National Center for the Sexual Behavior of Youth. There is information on this organization's website about sexual registration laws, treatment and the likelihood of rehabilitation.
  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. This is the organization of juvenile court judges. It conducts conference and produces materials for juvenile and family court judges and juvenile court practitioners. Has useful links to both delinquency and child protection organizations.
  • Restorative Justice Online. This site contains useful information concerning restorative justice which forms the bases for the delinquency sections of the Illinois Juvenile Court Act.

Illinois Organizations

  • A + Illinois. An organization to promote school funding reform in Illinois. This topic was discussed at a section council meeting
  • Juvenile Justice Initiative. An advocacy organization that promotes programs to improve juvenile justice in Illinois. Site contains many useful links to other state and national organizations
  • Voices for Illinois Children. A child advocacy organization that promotes a broad spectrum of issues that impact upon the lives of children. It is most noted for its early childhood advocacy. It has links to many other child advocacy organizations.