2005 Articles

Be careful what you write. . . Defamation in the age of technology By Maureen E. Riggs April 2005 Electronic mail is a great tool. It makes communication among colleagues, clients and fellow employees a breeze
Consider the Benefits of Section Council Membership July 2005 In this day of the Blackberry, e-mail, instant messaging and 24/7 access to work, the demands on our time continue to increase.
Copyright in the digital age By Peter LaSorsa July 2005 In the information age the risk of infringing another's copyright protected work has never been higher.
Corporate assumed name basics By Jodi K. Plagenz September 2005 You heard it in your high school freshman literature class and hundreds of times since: Juliet speaks this line, intent on convincing Romeo that his last name means nothing to her. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
Corporations are paying more for in-house lawyers, new survey reports October 2005 The 2005 Altman Weil Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey of U.S. corporate law departments has just been released.
Court unlocks barn door on employer’s right to maintain a stable work force By Jay Dobrutsky March 2005 For years employers have routinely included provisions in their non-competition agreements to restrict former employees from hiring away other employees.
Illinois can’t leave leave laws well enough alone: A review of the Illinois Family Military Leave Act By Jeffrey D. Lester October 2005 This article briefly reviews the Act and its imposition of new duties on Illinois corporations and their employees.
IRS issues guidance on new nonqualified deferred compensation rules By J. Paul Jacobson January 2005 On December 20, 2004, the IRS released Notice 2005-1, containing guidance on new Internal Revenue Code Section 409A, which accelerates income taxation and imposes penalty taxes on individuals covered by deferred compensation plans that do not comply with its requirements.
IRS proposes regulations on designated Roth contributions to 401(k) plans By Alec Dike & Francis Grealy May 2005 The IRS has issued proposed amendments to the 401(k) and (m) regulations that would provide guidance on designated Roth contributions under Internal Revenue Code Section 402A, added by the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA).
New proposed regulations clarify military leave law By Mike Fischer January 2005 In the three-plus years since 9/11, more than 420,000 U.S. soldiers have been mobilized-with more than one half of them having already gone through demobilization and returning home.
Recent developments clarify treatment of retirement assets in bankruptcy, but some questions remain By Scott E. Galbreath June 2005 For years the states and bankruptcy courts have struggled with questions regarding the treatment of retirement assets held in qualified plans or individual retirement accounts ("IRAs") under the bankruptcy laws.
Safeguarding your life savings from future creditors By Martin P. Ryan March 2005 Protecting assets from the claims of creditors has begun to assume a more prominent role in estate and financial planning due to the increasingly litigious nature of society.
Software licensing and related agreements: Top 10 business issues a licensee’s attorney needs to know By Dina Ross August 2005 Maybe it came via interoffice mail or maybe it came attached to an e-mail, but it came.
The wrong model By Andrew H. Connor February 2005 Item: According to the Spring 2004 edition of The University of Chicago Law School's Campaign Record, "When the tuition of the Law School was $375 per year, new government lawyers were paid $100 per month, or more than three times the tuition rate.