2016 Articles

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements in commercial transactions: Essential points for reviewing and counseling your client By Jonathan D. Carlson March 2016 When sharing ideas and information with others becomes necessary to advance business operations, a well-drafted Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement can provide the same level of protection that a “lock and key” approach offers for tangible goods.
Employers grappling with new overtime final rule By Mark A. Spognardi September 2016 With the December 1st deadline fast approaching, compounded by election year political maneuverings, there is uncertainty as to whether the final rule will be defunded, overturned, or enjoined before its effective date.
How much is a whistleblower waiver really worth? By Keith Paul Bishop September 2016 If you walked into a Las Vegas casino and placed a bet on a single number at the roulette table, the probability of winning would be nearly 17 times better than the probability of obtaining a whistleblower award.
An in-house perspective By Christopher Stemler March 2016 Tips intended to help private attorneys understand what in-house counsel want or need from them.
ISBA Corporate Law Section revision to types of retirement plans By Bernard G. Peter December 2016 This article includes a useful chart to compare defined contribution plans.
Key updates to retirement plan limitations for 2017 By Bernard G. Peter December 2016 Recently, the IRS issued the updated retirement plan limitations for 2017.
License grant—A licensee’s perspective By Mark Weis March 2016 One of the most important areas of any intellectual property (IP) agreement is the license grant provision.