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2007 Articles

Case summaries November 2007 A probation officer lacks the authority to file a petition to revoke a defendant’s supervision and the trial court has no authority to consider the petition. People v. Kellems, 373 Ill.App.3d 1129 (2007).
Case summaries By Jason Rossetto, Ahanti Osteen, Brendan Max, Gregory Paul Vazquez, Dana Drexler, & Attila Bogdan July 2007 During a police traffic stop, the passenger of an automobile is seized and detained in addition to the driver, for purposes of Fourth Amendment analysis. Brendlin v. California, 551 U.S. ___ (2007).
Case summaries March 2007 The Illinois Supreme Court held that the Juvenile Court Act terminates a court’s authority over a case when the juvenile attains the age of 21 except for purposes of collecting restitution or cases filed as extended jurisdiction juvenile prosecutions.