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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Criminal Justice

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Newsletter Articles From 2008

Case summaries December 2008 In People v. Exson, 2008 Ill. App. LEXIS 947, 2008 WL 442681 (1st Dist. September 29, 2008) the Illinois Appellate Court held the trial court abused its discretion by granting the State’s 30 day continuance motion on the 119th day of the 120-day period under the Speedy Trial Act.
Case summaries November 2008 In People v. Rodriguez, 229 Ill. 2d 285; 891 N.E.2d 854; 2008 Ill. LEXIS 375; 322 Ill. Dec. 563, the Illinois Supreme Court was faced with the applicability of the 15 year enhancement provision when a person is convicted of First Degree Murder under a theory of accountability.
Case summaries June 2008 Johnnie Wilson was in his apartment on February 3, 2003 when his parole officer and two Chicago police officers entered.
Case summaries By David B. Franks and Hon. John A. Wasilewski May 2008 In 2000 the victim hired defendant and another individual to perform electrical work in her apartment. The project lasted several months.
Case summaries January 2008 In the Circuit Court of Peoria County, the defendant was convicted of the offense of Armed Robbery after a jury trial.
In memoriam of Matthew A. Maloney By Hon. Gregory Paul Vazquez January 2008 The Criminal Justice Section Council has lost a long-time member and friend when attorney Matt Maloney of Princeton, Illinois died on December 25, 2007.
Legislation-Passed bills By Steve Baker June 2008 The following are summaries of new legislation in Illinois affecting the practice of criminal law. As these are summaries only, the Public Act should be reviewed before reliance.
Legislation-Passed bills Part 1: By Attorney Steve Baker May 2008 The following are summaries of new legislation in Illinois affecting the practice of criminal law.  
Legislation—Passed Bills, Part I By Steve Baker December 2008 Includes legislation from 2007 with a 6-1-08 effective date.