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2016 Articles

Case notes By Hon. Geraldine D’Souza, Claudia E. Castro, & Ronald L. Lewis August 2016 Three recent cases of interest to criminal law practitioners.
Case notes By Kim D. Chanbonpin, Mary Cole, & Harry E. Clem February 2016 Summaries of three recent cases: People v. Stapinski, In re H.L., and People v. Forrest.
Evidence obtained after an illegal stop but subsequent to learning of an outstanding warrant for the detainee, is admissible By Stephen W. Baker September 2016 Illinois practitioners should be cognizant that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Utah v. Strieff is arguably at odds with numerous Illinois rulings to the contrary.
Our evolving notion of what is an ‘impartial jury’ By Linda J. Watson September 2016 In a world where the populace is becoming increasingly skeptical of governance, more-diverse juries are perceived as being more fair and impartial than those that are not.