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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Elder Law

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Newsletter Articles From 1999

Notes from the chair By Karl Menninger April 1999 If your local bar association is casting about for an activity for this year's Law Day, you might propose an activity involving the rights of older persons.
Notes from the chair By Karl Menninger January 1999 The changes in our society's technology can be difficult to comprehend. There were people who watched humans land on the moon who were alive when the first manned flight happened.
The pooled trust as an asset conservation/Medicaid planning tool By Steven C. Perlis November 1999 This author has found many occasions for bringing up the possible use of a pooled trust as a sensible strategy for nursing home residents (or others) or their family members to consider.
Resources for the elder lawyer November 1999 What "Fair Housing" Means for People with Disabilities is a new booklet published by the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.
Reverse mortgage resources By Stephanie Edeltein April 1999 AARP Home Equity Information Center AARP Foundation
Senior citizens may be denied privilege to appeal adverse rulings on homestead exemptions By Carl H. Stowe April 1999 Senior citizens who receive adverse rulings on applications for exemption upon the real property used as a home, such as the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption (35 ILCS 200/15-170) or the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption Assessment Freeze (35 ILCS 200/15-172) may find that they are unable to obtain review of such denial through the court.
Senior citizens’ real estate tax exemptions for married persons By Carl H. Stowe November 1999 Counsel helping senior citizens with application for any one of three exemptions which may apply to real property used as a home should be mindful of the fact that married persons who maintain separate residences qualifying as homestead property may not be entitled to the same relief as single persons who are over 65.
Shades of gray matter: The decisional capacity dilemma in advance directives By Daniel M. Moore June 1999 This article deals with a serious matter confronted at different times by lawyers and health care providers.
Stops on the info-highway: Kansas Elder Law Network and WashLaw November 1999 This is the first of an occasional series of articles highlighting Web sites of interest to elder lawyers.
Tobacco and older persons: of studies and settlements November 1999 For a generation that was raised on the idea of smoking cigarettes, pipes and cigars as a basic activity of adulthood, the change in society's attitude over the last fifteen years must be disconcerting.
The twelve worst mistakes in preparing pension orders November 1999 This is adapted from Divorce: A Time for Caution, An Introduction to the 12 Worst Mistakes Lawyers Make in Preparing Pension Orders, by WISER (Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement), 1201 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Suite 619, Washington, DC 20004.
United States government issues Cold War Recognition Certificates to veterans, reservists and federal employees By Lee Beneze June 1999 Congress has directed the Secretary of Defense to award a "Cold War Recognition Certificate" to members of the United States Armed Forces (including members of the Reserve components) and federal employees, who served their country during the Cold War Era.
UPDATE: U. S. Justice Department drops section 4734 appea By Lee Beneze April 1999 The infamous section 4734 of the Balanced Budget Act, usually referred to as the "granny's legal advisor goes to jail" clause is in the news again, perhaps for the last time.