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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Elder Law

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Newsletter Articles From 2000

Stops along the information superhighway October 2000 This newsletter focuses on information useful to the lawyer in the practice of elder law, but a review of some Web sites for clients may be helpful.
Supreme Court holds age discrimination law not applicable to states March 2000 In Kimel et al. v. Florida Board of Regents, et al. (No. 98-791), the U. S. Supreme Court held that the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) could not be used to bring an action against states as employers.
Survey of members of the Elder Law Section Illinois State Bar Association January, 2000 March 2000 This is a survey of the members of the 1999-2000 Elder Law Section to be taken in the months of March and April, 2000.
Viatical settlements: a summary and update May 2000 A viatical settlement is a transaction in which a holder of a life insurance policy sells the policy before his or her death and receives a percentage of the face value.
Victory in attempted involuntary transfer of Medicaid-pending client By Steven C. Perlis March 2000 Two years ago, this office took the case of a resident of a nursing home who faced a transfer despite the fact that the application for Medicaid was pending.