Member Groups

Environmental Law Roster

  • Kent E. Mohr, Jr., IL Environmental Protection Agency, Springfield, Chair
  • Kenneth G. Anspach, Anspach Law Office, Chicago, Vice-Chair
  • Phillip R. Van Ness, Webber & Thies PC, Urbana, Secretary
  • Emily N. Masalski, Rooney Rippie & Ratnaswamy LLP, Chicago, Ex-Officio
  • William J. Anaya, Greensfelder Hemker & Gale PC, Chicago, Member
  • Bertram C. Frey, US Environmental Protection Agency, Chicago, Member
  • Eric Hanis, Hanis Consulting, Palatine, Member
  • Karen K. Mack, Deutsch Levy & Engel Chtd, Chicago, Member
  • Claire A. Manning, Brown Hay & Stephens LLP, Springfield, Member
  • Jane E. McBride, Illinois Attorney General's Office, Springfield, Member/CLE Coordinator
  • Jorge T. Mihalopoulos, Metropolitan Water Reclamation Dist of Greater Chicago, Chicago, Member
  • Angela E. Peters, Buffalo Grove Law Offices, Arlington Heights, Member
  • Raymond T. Reott, Reott Law Offices LLC, Chicago, Member/Newsletter Editor
  • Eugene P. Schmittgens, Jr., Rouse Frets Gentile Rhodes LLC, Chesterfield, Member
  • William D. Seith, Hinsdale, Member
  • Lisle A. Stalter, Lake County State's Attorneys Office, Waukegan, Member
  • Amy L. Strege, Finn & Finn Ltd, Waukegan, Member
  • Alisha L. Biesinger, Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen, Edwardsville, Board Liaison
  • Blake Howard, Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago, Staff Liaison
  • Randy Randall Cox, Feldman Wasser Draper & Cox, Springfield, CLE Committee Liaison

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