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Case law update By Barry H. Greenburg May 1999 In Re Estate of Donald Charles Forest v. Catherine Dagenais, Circuit Court for 12th Judicial Circuit, Will County, Third District, Docket No. 3-98-0454. Catherine filed this appeal appealing the application of section 4-7(b) of the Probate Act, which provided for revocation by divorce of provisions in a testamentary disposition to a divorced spouse.
Chairman’s column By Michael S. Cohen October 1999 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Zuckerman, not only for his exemplary job as chairman, but for the many years he has labored as a member of the section council.
Chairman’s column By Richard W. Zuckerman June 1999 Ah--the practice of family law. That initial burst of energy as you run to the courthouse for Orders of Protection, Temporary Restraining Orders, Temporary Custody and Support Orders and, of course, Interim Fees.
Chairman’s column May 1999 Parentage cases. There is a reason they were called bastardy cases under the pre-1984 Act. In 25 years of family law practice I have seen lots of bitterness, recrimination, spiteful acts and vengeful, mean-spirited behavior.
Chairman’s column By Richard W. Zuckerman February 1999 Rehabilitate ­ to put back in good condition; restore to a state of physical, mental or moral health through treatment and training.
The Davis case: ­Another perspective By Karen M. Pinkert-Lieb March 1999 Recently, in The Department of Public Aid ex rel. Lindy Davis v. Jesse Brewer, the Illinois Supreme Court considered whether, in order to modify a child custody judgment within two years of its entry, a court must find child endangerment by clear and convincing evidence, or whether the court need only find that there is "reason to believe" that the child's present environment may endanger him or her.
Editor’s note By Cecilia Hynes Griffin October 1999 In order to best serve our readers, we would like to know what topics you would like to see in the newsletter.
Family law bytes May 1999 Also online are public acts and bills: and
Family law bytes By David N. Schaffer March 1999 The following is a list of some helpful Web sites prepared for us by David Schaffer.
A grandparent’s place in the post-nuclear family By Rebecca N. Pala & Steven J. Sturm October 1999 In an era of changing and uncertain family structures, grandparents can be as important as ever in their grandchildren's lives.
How to subpoena mental health records By Deanne Morgan May 1999 Your client petitioned the court for dissolution of his marriage and for custody of their two minor children.
Illinois State Bar Association Task Force on Attorneys for Minor Children By Robert K. Downs & John T. Phillips June 1999 In the past 10 years the general public and the legal community have become much more sensitive to the issue of children's involvement in the legal system in the areas of divorce, custody, visitation, support and paternity.
In re the marriage of Grunsten By Jacqueline J. Torshen October 1999 After over 21 years of marriage, Barbara Grunsten filed a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage against Richard Grunsten, citing irreconcilable differences.
Info from the council By Michael A. Fleming February 1999 Since the first newsletter, the council has met twice: in November, and again in December at the ISBA Midyear Meeting.
The judge’s corner October 1999 Assignment: Trial judge, Domestic Relations Division, Circuit Court of Cook County
The judges’ corner By Robert J. Anderson February 1999 Assignment: Presiding Judge, Domestic Relations Division, DuPage County
Legislative news from the chairman By Richard W. Zuckerman March 1999 Once again it is time for the Illinois legislature to meet to see what mischief can be rendered in the area of family law.
Legislative update By Alan J. Toback May 1999 As this issue goes to press, the Board of Managers of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers voted in its monthly meeting by a vote of 8 to 7 to oppose House Bill 377 regarding the representation of children during divorce proceedings.
A message from your editors By Alan J. Toback & Karen P. O’Neill June 1999 In this issue you will notice that some of our usual columns are missing.
The Minear rule By Jerelyn D. Maher February 1999 Child support awards are based on the obligor's net income as defined by section 505(a)(3) of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.
Modification of custody within two years after Davis By Scott C. Colky March 1999 On October 21, 1998, a new client comes into your office and tells you that 14 months ago he and his ex-wife entered into a joint parenting agreement.
Recent cases By Barry H. Greenburg October 1999 In re Custody of K.P.L. a minor, 3rd District, Appellate No. 2-97-1107, filed April 16, 1999. This is an appeal from a decision granting custody of a child to its legal guardians pursuant to the guardian
Recent cases By Michael A. Fleming February 1999 Late 1998 was no exception to the rule that important family law opinions are handed down regularly throughout the year.
Recent developments concerning the duty to disclose under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 213 By Rhoda L. Kerns October 1999 Although some trial courts may be as lax in enforcing Illinois Supreme Court Rule 213 as they were in enforcing former Illinois Supreme Court Rule 220, the appellate courts are taking a hard line approach to ensure a more uniform interpretation and enforcement of the new rule.