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2019 Articles

Another playing field to level By Kevin H. Saville May 2019 All family lawyers have receivables problems, and there can be a number of solutions if we think outside the box.
Are you SURE you have a written fee agreement with your client? By Rory T. Weiler August 2019 The recent case of In re: The Marriage of Pavlovich reminds us how important it is to be sure you not only have a written fee agreement, but that your client actually signs it.
Beware! Drafting tips for post-Jan. 1, 2019 maintenance modification orders By Rory T. Weiler June 2019 Tips for the divorce lawyer seeking to take advantage of the new non-taxability law.
Burned out? Overwhelmed? Meet Dr. Diana Uchiyama and the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program By Mary F. Petruchius June 2019 An interview with Dr. Diana Uchiyama, the executive director of the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program.
Chair’s Column By Michael Strauss December 2019 A note from the chair, Michael Strauss.
Chair’s Column By Michael Strauss October 2019 A note from the chair about Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Chair’s Column By Michael Strauss September 2019 A reminder of the importance of professionalism and civility in the profession.
Chair’s column By Michael Strauss August 2019 The chair, Michael Strauss, discusses the most influential people in his life.
Chair’s column By Heather Hurst June 2019 A note of thanks from the outgoing chair, Heather Hurst.
Chair’s column By Heather Hurst February 2019 A note from the chair, Heather Hurst.
Chair’s column By Heather Hurst January 2019 A summary of the changes and amendments made to the maintenance section of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, which became effective on January 1.
Chair’s Column: Rules or Mere Suggestions By Michael Strauss November 2019 A note from the chair on the enforcement of court rules.
Creating an ethical and professional practice via office support staff By Sarah Taylor January 2019 One way to create and maintain an ethical and professional law firm is to properly train and supervise office support staff and create a positive working environment for them.
DCFS Safety Plans: How Best to Represent Your Client When DCFS Proposes a Safety Plan By Elizabeth Butler December 2019 Attorneys representing parents during Department of Child & Family Services investigations can offer valuable assistance in guiding the parents through the drafting and implementation of the safety plan to ensure the most successful and speedy resolution of the investigation.
Does the decree provide for long-term success and stability? By Rob Zuiker March 2019 When you resolve a divorce for your client and the decree is finalized, are you confident that your client is now properly positioned for the next stage?
A few things to consider when your client or opposing party is an Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services client By Jessica Patchik April 2019 Tips for working with Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services clients.
Happy March, and almost spring! (Hopefully.) By Heather Hurst March 2019 A word about the 2019 ISBA Election from the chair, Heather Hurst.
Illinois Supreme Court reaffirms the continued viability of Eckert in relocation cases after the 2016 statutory amendments By Arnold F. Blockman June 2019 In In re Marriage of Fatkin, the Illinois Supreme Court dealt for the first time with the parameters of relocation under the January 1, 2016, rewrite of the Dissolution Act.
Is cryptocurrency the new Swiss bank account? By Janice L. Boback & Stephanie L. Tang March 2019 The basics of bitcoin trading and tips for lawyers to help protect and educate their clients.
Is it income? Depends who is counting By Richard D. Felice & Joseph M. Beck February 2019 After considering the new maintenance formula, the repeal of the Illinois deduction, and changes in section 505 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, attorneys are now confronted with an ever-changing landscape as to what defines a party's income for child support and maintenance calculations.
Jurisdiction Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act By Howard Feldman & John S. Morse October 2019 Family law practitioners serving clients whose work takes them out of the state or country or who have relocated to Illinois from a foreign jurisdiction must be cognizant of the provisions of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act and principles of civil procedure and jurisdiction not often front-of-mind in dissolution and support cases.
A Little Bit of Everything: The Case of In re Marriage of Hamilton By Stephanie L. Tang October 2019 A summary of the family law issues discussed by the appellate court in In re the Marriage of Hamilton.
Meet your incoming chair By Heather Hurst May 2019 An introduction to the incoming chair of the Family Law Section Council, Michael Strauss.
The Need to Embrace and Catch Up With Technology By Grace G. Dickler & Isabela Moreira September 2019 While keeping up with the many updates and advances in technology can certainly be an intimidating task, embracing technology can provide many benefits to the practice of family law.
New Family Law Legislation: 2019 By Richard W. Zuckerman November 2019 An overview of the bills the Family Law Section Council has reviewed this year.
A note from the incoming chair By Michael Strauss June 2019 A spotlight on the incoming chair of the Family Law Section Council, Michael Strauss.
Perspectives, Preferences, and Pet Peeves From the Bench By Judge Debra B. Walker & Niharika Reddy September 2019 In order to be an effective, respectful, and zealous advocate for your client, remember to always keep the “three P’s” in mind: Perspectives, preferences, and pet peeves.
Pro se may be a solution, but it’s also a symptom: A response to The Atlantic’s ‘The DIY Divorce’ By Michael G. Bergmann March 2019 Why self-representation is not always the answer when people cannot afford legal representation in a divorce.
Proper Order of Protection Findings By Sally K. Kolb November 2019 A summary of Landmann v. Landmann, which highlights the required findings for plenary orders of protection.
Review of ‘BIFF’ and How It Works By Lisa M. Nyuli September 2019 Communications that are brief, informative, friendly, and firm are shown to be an effective tool for communicating with high-conflict people.