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2001 Articles

Appellate court rules pending litigation no excuse for non-production under oil and gas lease By John E. Rhine February 2001 In Maschoff v. Klockenkemper (_____ Ill. App.3d ), 5th District, No. 5-99-0276, December 7, 2000) the Illinois Appellate Court has ruled that non-production terminates an oil and gas lease notwithstanding the existence of litigation concerning the validity of that lease.
Daniels announces program to revitalize Southern Illinois coal industry By Greg Durham August 2001 PICKNEYVILLE, IL ­ Illinois House Republican Leader Lee A. Daniels (Elmhurst) unveiled a legislative initiative designed to help create jobs in Southern Illinois by revitalizing that region's coal industry.
Editor’s notes By Christopher L. Weber November 2001 On February 7, 2001, the Circuit Court of Madison County entered a judgment in favor of plaintiffs, Kenneth Voigt, Dorothy Voigt, and Melba Voigt, and against defendants, Karchmer Pile & Supply, Inc., Watomwa Production Company, Confed Oil Corp. and KIEC, Inc., in the amount of $2,838,475.78, including punitive damages, and in favor of plaintiffs, Joanne Carraway, Jack McCarty, Suzanne Pringle, Marion Bonnell, Brian Millsap and David Millsap and against defendants, Karchmer Pipe & Supply, Inc., Watomwa Production Co., Confed Oil Corp. and KIEC, Inc., in the amount of $905,262.71.
Letter from the chair August 2001 During the past several years, I have come across an increasing number of conveyances containing the words "excepting the minerals" or like language.
Mineral Law Section Council minutes August 2001 The meeting was called to order by Chairman George C. Lackey at 12:00 noon.
New Illinois laws for 2001 that affect oil and gas and other mineral law By James K. Weston, Sr. November 2001 After the conclusion of the spring session of the 92nd Illinois General Assembly, Governor George Ryan signed 494 bills into law.
Oil Brine Task Force seeks damaged sites for remediation February 2001 The Southeastern Illinois Brine Damage Task Force is asking landowners who have oil brine damaged sites to contact it.
The Oil Pollution Act of 1990, by definition, may ensnare unsuspecting “passive” owners November 2001 As a result of the billions of dollars in damages assessed against Exxon Corporation as a result of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, Congress passed the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (33 U.S.C. 2701 et. seq.)
Pawnee Oil and Gas Inc. v. The County of Wayne et al, No. 5-00-322 By David M. Williams February 2001 An interesting case is now fully briefed and awaiting a date for oral argument in the Fifth Appellate District for the State of Illinois.
Unitization order by Department of Mines and Minerals is res judicata as to issues of title By George C. Lackey February 2001 The Fifth District Appellate Court has ruled that a unitization order issued by the Department of Mines and Minerals is res judicata as to issues of title and that questions of title decided by the Department in connection with a unitization proceeding cannot be collaterally challenged in subsequent court actions.