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2018 Articles

2018 legislative report By Craig R. Hedin June 2018 A summary of legislation affecting the mineral industry.
Clear and unambiguous: “All” means all By Kris Tuttle March 2018 In Ramsey Herndon LLC v. Whiteside, both the supreme court opinion and the appellate court opinions discuss many issues that frequently arise in the mineral law practice with citations to treatises and case law.
Coal industry finding help in Washington, but how much will the industry benefit? By John H. Henderson June 2018 Recently, there have been seemingly positive announcements from the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency that have come as a result of the new administration under President Trump. But will these announcements really give the ailing industry a much-needed boost?
Colorado ballot measures bring discussion of regulatory takings to the mineral extraction industry and to the electorate By John H. Henderson December 2018 A summary of two propositions Colorado voters recently voted on, both of which would have an effect on the oil and gas industry.
Comments from the Editor By Craig R. Hedin March 2018 News and updates from Editor Craig Hedin.
Descriptions in tax deeds By John C. Robison, Jr. December 2018 It is common practice for taxing authorities to separately assess and tax lessors’ royalties.
Headwinds for the U.S. coal industry and what it means for Illinois By John H. Henderson March 2018 In this article, author John Henderson takes closer look at some of the headwinds and challenges facing the coal industry in the U.S.
IDNR considers revision of OG-10 form By Craig R. Hedin December 2018 A list of the proposed revisions to the OG-10 form discussed at the November Oil and Gas Advisory Board meeting.
IDNR considers rules changes By Craig R. Hedin September 2018 The Oil and Gas Advisory Board is working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Oil and Gas Resource Management, to consider possible rule changes.
Illinois coal production increases By John E. Rhine June 2018 In 2017, Illinois produced 46.5 million tons of coal—a 6.7 percent increase over the prior year.
Illinois Department of Natural Resources report of September 10, 2018 September 2018 The September 10, 2018, Illinois Department of Natural Resources report.
Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Report of November 9, 2018 December 2018 The November 9, 2018, Illinois Department of Natural Resources report.
Landowner grant program resurrected By Craig R. Hedin September 2018 The Office of Oil and Gas Resource Management has announced that it has been authorized to resurrect the Landowner Grant Program.
The oil and gas industry in Illinois By Craig R. Hedin December 2018 The oil industry has made a large economic impact in Illinois for over 100 years.
Pennsylvania court turns rule of capture on its head By Craig R. Hedin September 2018 In April, a Pennsylvania appellate court held that the rule of capture did not apply to a well that was the subject of hydraulic fracturing in Briggs vs. Southwestern Energy Production Company—a holding that casts a chill over the entire industry as a possible harbinger of things to come.
Revised IDNR regulations By Craig R. Hedin June 2018 A summary of revisions to regulations that affect the oil and gas industry in Illinois.
Rule of capture litigation update By Craig R. Hedin December 2018 An update on a recent Pennsylvania Superior Court ruling, which held that the rule of capture did not apply to shale gas extraction through hydraulic fracturing.
What the new regulatory atmosphere in Washington could mean for the Illinois coal industry By John H. Henderson September 2018 The regulatory developments coming from the Trump administration—particularly those from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy—are once again likely to have a greater effect on the power sector and all sources of energy than any other recent developments.