2014 Articles

ARDC thoughts By John R. Cesario February 2014 A look at trends regarding aging in the legal profession, and things senior lawyers should do to prepare for a sudden illness or disability.
Book review By Gary T. Rafool November 2014 A review of The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Decker.
Book review By Gary T. Rafool June 2014 A review of In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larsen.
Chair’s column By Barbara Slanker November 2014 A message from Chair Barbara Slanker.
Chair’s column: Computers for seniors, limited engagements, special apps and thanks to the Council for a rewarding year By John T. Phipps June 2014 A message from Senior Lawyers Section Chair John Phipps.
Chair’s column: Technology really is for seniors! By John T. Phipps February 2014 A message from Section Chair John T. Phipps.
Everything a senior counselor needs to know (or should know) about blogs By Leonard F. Amari February 2014 A discussion of what a blog is, why they exist, and why we should even care.
How and why you should join the Senior Lawyers Discussion Group By Don Mateer February 2014 A step-by-step guide to signing up for the ISBA's Senior Lawyers Discussion Group.
Interview with a happily practicing senior lawyer By Don Mateer June 2014 Read about Loren S. Golden and the reasons he continues to practice law.
Interview with a happily “transitioning” senior lawyer By Don Mateer November 2014 An interview with Rich Gaines of Rockford, Illinois.
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ISBA Task Force to look at law schools and making “practice ready” new lawyers By John T. Phipps November 2014 The author discusses the challenges new lawyers face and the ISBA's exciting plans to help them hit the ground running. 
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LinkedIn: Now what’s this all about? By Leonard F. Amari & Anthony Pasquini November 2014 The authors explain this professional networking site and how becoming a member could benefit your career.
Newsflash! June 2014 If you'll be at the ISBA Annual Meeting on June 20th, be sure to attend this useful technology "mentoring session."  
Spend it while you can! By John W. Damisch November 2014 The author suggests lawyers advise their clients to spend some of their money and have fun while they can-- and that lawyers should take the same advice!
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Technology for seniors By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, Jr., Loren S. Golden, Gary T. Rafool, Don Mateer, & Frank V. Ariano June 2014 This is the latest of what has become a regular column in the ISBA Senior Lawyer Section Council newsletter. Hopefully you will take a turn in contributing a section on your own “Best Practices” or problems you have in using technology. Please let us know what you need. Applications (“Apps”)
Technology for seniors By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, Loren S. Golden, Gary T. Rafool, & Frank V. Ariano February 2014 The latest installment of this regular column.
Will we let our attorneys … go gentle into that good night …? By Lawrence Scanlon June 2014 Learn more about the author's proposal for an Illinois Supreme Court-sanctioned ceremony for retiring attorneys.
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