2017 Articles

Book review of The Anxious Lawyer By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum February 2017 Reviewer Ed Schoenbaum highly recommends this book, written by two attorneys who have first-hand knowledge of the problems facing us and the fantastic possible rewards of mindfulness practice.
Book review: Getting Started as a Real Estate Attorney, by Joseph R. Fortunato By Leonard F. Amari June 2017 This 130-page volume contains “everything-one-could-possibly-want-to-know” about practicing in the real estate transaction field, written by a recognized authority.
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Book review: Inside The Kingdom (my life in Saudi Arabia) By Gary T. Rafool October 2017 This book, published in 2004, gives an up-close look into everyday life in Saudi Arabia, particularly for women.
Book review: Lights Out By Gary T. Rafool February 2017 A review of Ted Koppel's 2015 book.
Book review: Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews By Gary T. Rafool June 2017 Author Jason Matthews was a CIA field operative for 33 years before retiring, and he appears to be using much of his CIA experiences as material for this book.
Bothered by unsolicited calls on your mobile phone? By Don Mateer June 2017 Download Hiya and identify whether an incoming call is legitimate or spam!
A few words from the Chair By Frank V. Ariano June 2017 A message from Frank Ariano.
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A few words from the Chair By Frank V. Ariano February 2017 An introduction to this issue from Section Chair Frank Ariano.
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From the Chair By Tim Howard October 2017 A message from Senior Lawyers Section Chair Tim Howard.
Hannibal’s Niece: A book review By Leonard F. Amari October 2017 For any lover of fictional mysteries, history or interest in Italiana, Hannibal’s Niece: A Tale of Love, Murder and Deceit in Ancient Rome is a must-read.
Illinois nursing homes reviewed; Survey said… By Michael J. Maslanka October 2017 Rosewood Care Center of Swansea v. Price, decided August 22, 2017, provides guidance for when clients come to you with complaints regarding nursing homes.
Is there a ‘crisis’ of law schools in America? By Leonard F. Amari February 2017 This article asks whether there is a true crisis of law schools in America and, if so, to what degree and why.
Powers of attorney, living wills, advance directives and religion By Michael J. Maslanka June 2017 Religious denominations may have their own suggested or recommended language-- consider informing your clients so that they may make informed decisions that don't contradict their religious beliefs.
Real estate tax exemptions in Illinois: A primer By Leonard F. Amari & Vesna Marusic June 2017 Understanding the basics of real estate tax exemptions in Illinois.
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Remembering Justice Tobias “Toby” Barry By Leonard F. Amari June 2017 Justice Tobias “Toby” Barry, 92, of Ladd, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, April 4,2017. He was a most respected and esteemed jurist and community leader, and will be greatly missed.
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Request for volunteers to serve as receiver of a law practice June 2017 The ARDC is seeking volunteer attorneys who would be willing to serve as court-appointed receiver of a law practice of a deceased or disabled attorney.
A senior woman’s travel through Iran By Eugenia C. Hunter October 2017 Late last year, author Eugenia Hunter was invited to join a small group of women for a cultural trip to Iran.
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Settling parties (with attorneys) beware! By Michael J. Maslanka February 2017 The recent opinion in Williams v. Office of the Chief Judge of Cook County, Illinois and Michael Rohan, contains a portion which this author-- and likely others--will find disturbing.
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Trustee’s acceptance of a deed in trust By John J. Horeled October 2017 A new statute requires a written acceptance of a conveyance of real estate by the grantee/trustee.
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View your mail before it is delivered By Don Mateer October 2017 The U.S. Post Office offers an app called 'Informed Mail' that allows you to see what will be delivered each day.
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